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IronTree is a leading provider of business continuity services which include secure online backup services, ransomware protection, hosted exchange and disaster recovery as a service. Established in 2007, IronTree partners with recognised software vendors such as Sage Pastel, Pilot POS and IQ Retail. We offer a dynamic environment to grow your skills and start a career.

Some quotes from existing employees

"Working at Irontree allows us to grow and better ourselves through its ongoing study program for all staff members.

It's a relaxed yet professional environment where teamwork is at the forefront of what IronTree stands for."

Vicko Petropoulakis

"There is never a dull moment at IronTree, with its vibrant staff and strong team. We all have our good and bad days, but it's the company's support structure that stands out most."

Ruedi Teichardt

"I've been with IronTree for almost four years and have enjoyed learning so much. The business evolves constantly and so do our individual roles and responsibilities. Innovation, customer service and service delivery is what IronTree is about, that’s sets us aside from our competitors. 


We interact with most of our 15000+ clients on a daily basis and it’s a great feeling when you’ve made a difference to their day.. What I personally like most about working at IronTree is that the directors, David, Tai and Paul work alongside the staff – it’s really great as they’re truly awesome mentors and inspire me daily."

Natalie Pardenwachter