Why it’s important that your IT environment has its own guardian angel.

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
Why it’s important that your IT environment has its own guardian angel.

Panda Cloud Fusion is a 21st century guardian angel. Simply put, it provides business owners, IT support professionals and IT administrators with the ability to proactively manage their IT environments and ensure that their infrastructure is always safe, secure and running efficiently.

Panda Cloud Management is a cloud-hosted solution – this means that management tools are available at any time, anywhere, from any connected device. As a result, this cloud management system can protect, guide and help a particular person, group, or even company, ensuring that they are protected from cyber-related risks.

Panda Cloud Fusion is an “always on” cloud based solution. As long as you have internet connectivity, Panda Cloud Fusion agents are continuously and proactively monitoring your IT environment – this ensures that, aside from unpredicted or catastrophic failures, resolvable issues such as processors operating over capacity, hard drives with minimal free space and the like, are easily sorted out before issues arise. Proactive monitoring of this nature ensures minimal system downtime thus enhancing productivity, reducing user frustration, increasing customer service levels and predictable and managed system costs.

This continual support and monitoring is what every business needs to relieve the pressures of managing IT environments and ensuring they remain protected against cyber threats. Although the cloud management software is continually monitoring your devices and network, it does not interfere with the productivity of your machines. Cloud-hosted software tools have small “system footprints” and include a number of non-intrusive features to ensure that device efficiency and user productivity remains optimized.

Furthermore, the cloud management software boasts automated tasks and scripting features that can be applied to conduct mundane tasks in an automated and efficient manner. For example:

ensuring that critical Windows updates are always deployed across an entire environment
deploying specific application software updates on affected client PC’s
automating company-specific configurations on new employee PC’s thus saving time and ensuring compliance
keeping track of all client system configurations and alerting system managers whenever updates (hardware and software) are recommended or essential
This allows for regular maintenance to be conducted to make sure all devices are running efficiently, are up-to-date and protected.

Lastly, Cloud Fusion also has a fully fledged security solution built into it. The end point protection and anti-malware software is cloud-based and enables you to protect all your workstations and servers against threats and exploits, without needing additional infrastructure. This provides your business with much needed security and allows your devices to be protected no matter their location or type, and all through one single central cloud-based management console.

Panda Cloud Fusion is a guardian angel and provides your business with the protective measures and guidance all businesses need in the 21st century. It is able to assist in the automated management of devices, allowing you and your staff to focus on your core business activities while the rest is taken care of by the cloud management software. For more information on Panda Cloud Fusion and cloud management, visit our website.