Why hard drive repair software is not a sustainable solution

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
Why hard drive repair software is not a sustainable solution

Did you close the stable door after the horse had bolted? Is hindsight 20/20 vision? Do you wish you had backed up your data before disaster hit?


These are the thoughts that must go through people's minds when disaster strikes their server, PC or laptop and they have to try and find hard drive repair software in order to attempt to recover years' worth of valuable information and data.

The Wikipedia definition of a hard drive failure is 'a hard disk drive failure occurs when a hard disk drive malfunctions and the stored information cannot be accessed with a properly configured computer. A disk failure may occur in the course of normal operation or due to an external factor such as exposure to fire or water or high magnetic fields, or suffering a sharp impact or environmental contamination, which can lead to a head crash."

Hard drives crash, break and stop working.

Because they are mechanical devices, all hard drives will eventually fail. Hard drives typically fail in two different scenarios. The first is where there is a manufacturing defect. In this instance, hard drives will fail early on in their usage. This is why we 'run-in' our hard drives with some serious reading and writing before we productionize our servers. Other hard drives only fail when they have been used for a number of years. That being said, the truth is that a hard drive can fail at any point in time.

There are a number of different points of failure in hard drives. 

One such failure is a head crash; where the actual read-write head scratches a disk platter. This typically causes severe data loss. Another way that a hard drive can fail is because of an air filter failure, where a dust particle enters the physical hard drive platter area and damages a platter. Other causes of hard drive crashes that will have you searching for hard drive repair software include electrical component failure, bearing and motor failure and then the failure of small internal parts.

Hard drive manufacturers specify a mean time between failures. This is great for statisticians but really not that great for you when it is your hard drive that fails prematurely. That's when you rush off to the internet looking for hard drive repair software, or data recovery software.

The truth is that at this point, you've left it too late. Yes, you can recover data using hard drive repair software or the services of a disk recovery company. However, the latter is very expensive and your data is very much stuck unless you use them.

Attempting to extract your data using hard drive repair software is a difficult and technical task.

In order to extract data using hard drive repair software, you either need to know what you are doing or you need to be paying skilled technicians, who can essentially hold you to ransom to do it for you. No matter the cost, you'll end up shelling out - remember, at this point your data could represent the future of your company.

The better solution is to have an effective, off-site, cloud backup or online backup from a reputable company in place.

Your cloud backup company should provide you with technical support and set up and manage your ongoing backups for you. If you have this in place, you'll never need hard drive repair software.

Once you have identified an off-site cloud backup or online backup provider, the steps to getting your data safely backed up off-site are as follows:

    • Register for a cloud backup service (they typically have a free trial period).
    • Install your cloud backup service software on the desired machines.
    • Select the data to back up and schedule your backups for whatever frequency you require - make sure you are backing up your critical business data.
    • Run your first cloud backup (this may take a while depending on the amount of data selected and your bandwidth).
    • Allow subsequent backups to run as per the schedule set up.
    • Review your backup logs and data selections on a monthly basis to ensure that all is still okay.
    • Complete a full disaster recovery exercise to ensure that you can recover from a disaster at least once every six months.

Of course, if the horse has already bolted and is running down the main street at full tilt, then you need to find hard drive repair software and the technicians who can attempt - with no guarantee - to find your data in the mess that was once the hard drive that held your critical company data.