Why are cloud services trending?

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
Why are cloud services trending?

It seems to me that we’ve come full circle! From the 70’s and 80’s era of mainframe centralised data processing (admittedly only for large corporations and research centres) to stand-alone personal computers, followed by local area networks and on premise “client-server” environments. It seems that the current global trend is towards “cloud computing”. It’s almost as if cloud computing is the modern, efficient and affordable mainframe - available to all!

The implications of cloud computing are vast - cloud based services are changing the way business is conducted. Development in cloud based services is rapid and ongoing and its use is becoming pervasive. We’re all aware of major technology companies like Google and Amazon and their cloud based services. Not long ago, cloud based services was a foreign and untrusted concept. The high profile nature of cloud computing and its pervasiveness and the ever-increasing benefits of the cloud are quickly changing this perception. This new acceptance is resulting in a large uptake of companies, small and large, making use of cloud based services and offerings to become both more efficient and more profitable.

What type of cloud based services should you be looking at and how should your company be using these services?

Cloud hosted endpoint protection solutions as well as remote management and system monitoring solutions are really a no-brainer if you’re either a tech-support company, a corporate IT manager or merely a pro-active business owner! If you are not using cloud based services and server monitoring techniques such as Panda Cloud Systems management, you are doing your business a disservice. Cloud based services dealing with protection and management enable huge productivity gains, cost saving and consequent efficiencies and more effective customer service. What’s not to like about this?

By not implementing cloud based services, the knock-on effects on your business could include lower productivity levels, increasing operational costs and limiting the scalability, growth potential and general transformation that your business should experience. All these factors detract from business value and profits, and in today's fast-paced world, a business needs to be as competitive as possible.

Facilities included in Panda’s cloud based services include:

Web-filtering (disabling “all-day” social media and other productivity killer facilities)
Pro-active system environment monitoring to preclude system issues before they happen
The ability to ensure that your company’s entire IT environment has all currently required System updates installed (and thus safeguarding the network)
Read more about the benefits of Panda cloud based services for business here

Companies making use of the cloud to run services, reduce costs and increase innovation are greatly increasing their competitiveness. Also, by making use of the cloud they are evolving the way they conduct their business operations, making them more robust and keeping them at the forefront of technology, business development and customer management.

As technology evolves, so does cloud based services. The cloud is going to reach the furthest corners of every industry and will become critical for expansion, cost control and profitability. 70% of companies will be making investments in the cloud over the next three years. The increased use is going to result in massive changes to the way business is conducted. E Commerce is going to evolve rapidly and companies not currently making use of cloud based services are going to have to rethink strategies and adjust to the new ways of doing business.