What to look for when looking for an Anti-Virus

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
What to look for when looking for an Anti-Virus

Today, there’s almost no excuse for downtime. As the world increasingly adopts cloud technologies and as a service offerings expand, we’re on the verge of providing continuity of IT systems in almost any given instance. Users have also adopted the “always-on” culture thanks to internet ubiquity. But with this interconnectedness comes inherent risks; users need to know that their computers, laptops and devices are safe on and offline since we`re entrusting so much information to our hardware on a daily basis.

In this blog I’d like to discuss my AV solution of choice - Panda Antivirus - a light weight, powerful and comprehensive security solution built for modern networks and networking devices.

No expensive hardware needed
Endpoint antivirus have the advantage of being decentralised, where settings can be made remotely and on the fly. Where many endpoints require standalone machines to run the consoles and deliver updates, Panda Antivirus, being cloud-based requires no special hardware outlay or complicated setup. In many cases, if the network is setup correctly it can be set up remotely on multiple devices.

Easy to set up, understand and manage
Many antivirus solutions have complicated interfaces and are difficult to set up. Panda Antivirus is intuitive and easy to get off the ground and manage. One can create user groups and assign computers to profiles making users easy to manage, view threats and detections and compile audit reports and notifications. Settings are deployed almost immediately with no need to spend time going to each and every machine.

Productivity and security
Oftentimes, productivity in the office is hamstrung by users’ misuse of computer-resources and wasting company time on social websites like Facebook and Youtube - hogging precious bandwidth in the process. Download sites are also a haven for malware and computer exploits. USB devices, webcams and DVD-Writers can be used not only in the transmission of malware but also to steal company information. Panda Antivirus has device-blocking and web-filtering features that can increase productivity and protect your information assets.

Antivirus platforms on the market become prohibitively expensive and this is often cited as a main reason for using free antivirus. Who wants to be caught up in long-term contracts and subscriptions. Panda Antivirus is billed on a per-month basis and one can use and remove devices as required or scale up or down when needed, without hassle.

Antivirus that is effective and real-time
Your antivirus needs to work in real-time, protecting not just against known threats but also against new ones. New malware is created just about every hour and your antivirus needs to be updated continuously. This means that antivirus companies and security experts need to be constantly working on solutions. Panda Antivirus uses its propriety “Collective Intelligence” in ensuring that your protection is up to date and effective. In a highly competitive world where online security is becoming more and more important, you can ill-afford to be victim of a malware attack .Panda Antivirus not only protects against malware attacks but also against hacking and phishing attempts. With features like device protection, web filtering, affordability and it’s light footprint, Panda Antivirus is a modern solution for modern networks.