Common frustrations of all business owners – what can you do?

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Common frustrations of all business owners – what can you do?

Are you a business owner who experiences IT trouble of some sort daily, weekly or monthly?

Well, all business owners experience IT trouble of some sort, even if it’s just the phone lines being down or the Internet connection being temporarily off line. Now that the Internet plays such a fundamental role in our business and personal lives, technical issues crop up more often because of all the electronic devices we use and and have come to rely on for communication.

It’s one thing when you’re having trouble loading your Internet browser to check the news, but when you can't send an important email to a waiting client because your server is down, it’s much more serious – your business and productivity are at stake.

Specific areas of frustrations

Inability to synchronise emails and calendars across devices may mean emails not being sent or read, and appointments being missed. Trouble with browsing is simply frustrating, and staff being phished or clicking on links which introduce ransomware can be disastrous for the whole company. 

If you recognise some of these problems, it’ll come as a relief to know they’re common frustrations for all business owners, and that there’s something you can do about it.

Email technology to the rescue 

Thanks to dedicated technology, it’s possible to have your email system hosted in the cloud in a failsafe environment that offers a guarantee of 99.9% uptime, so that your emails are available all the time from anywhere and are protected from spam and viruses through built-in anti-spam and anti-virus software.

It’s called hosted exchange and under this email management system everyone in the business will have access to their email when they’re out of the office, even when your office Internet is down. Also, the devices of all members (desktops, laptops, tablets and phones) will sync automatically so that emails and calendars are updated all the time. This means you can rest assured that the latest version of your correspondence, and your calendar, is always to hand.

Another advantage of hosted exchange is that there are no related hardware or support costs. Since you no longer need an in-house server for your email management, you also don’t have the bother of running and maintaining it, or storing it. The consistent and predictable costs of a hosted system means you’ll never be surprised by email overages. They will likely be billed monthly at a fixed amount that can be altered as your business grows or scales down.

Technology is changing all the time, making our connectivity stronger, more reliable, and cost effective. As business owners, what we need to do is tap into this, reduce the frustrations of older email systems and give our productivity a chance to soar.

Are you getting all you could be from your email management system? Use the checklist below to see if you:

  1. Have seamless connectivity
  2. Are completely protected from spam, viruses and ransomware
  3. Can synchronise your email, calendars and contacts across all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and phone)
  4. Can access your email away from office when the Internet there is down
  5. Can access your email on other devices when your Internet connectivity is down
  6. Have email management support 24/7
  7. Have fixed costs for your email management

If you answered no to any of these questions, then perhaps it’s time you have a conversation with us at IronTree.