What Do You Need To Grow Your Business Online?

 2017-02-24 11:40 AM by
What Do You Need To Grow Your Business Online?

Growing your business online isn’t an option anymore – it’s a necessity. Remaining relevant in a world where consumers look to online platforms for information, advice and often immediate service has never been more important for both the growth and survival of your business. With an ever increasing variety of online platforms to choose from, developing and maintaining a striking online presence can seem a daunting task, but it needn’t be. A solid strategy and professional online communication can be the catalyst for not only growth, but vigorous expansion of your business and its offerings.

Know your audience

A digital marketing strategy is essential for increasing your online presence. Having a clear vision of how you want your business to be viewed and who you want it to be seen by is the critical first step to growing your business online and engaging in professional digital communication with your target market. The second step is a convincing website.

Do you have a good website?

Your website may be the first view a potential client has of your business and its offerings. A website low on content or difficult to navigate could give the impression that your business is low on resources and that you operate inefficiently. A website rich in content and easy to navigate ensures your business is seen as both professional and efficient before you’ve even provided a service.

Using technology to improve communications

While your website provides a view into your business, e-mail communication is usually the first contact you have with your client. E-mail is vital. Since it is the most used form of professional communication in the modern business world, an effective e-mail system is vital too. There are many options available when it comes to selecting an e-mail system, from cloud providers such as Google to Internet Service Providers and traditional onsite exchange mail servers that have been popular within the IT departments of many organisations.

There are however many drawbacks to running a fully-fledged traditional exchange mail system. They are cumbersome to run, requiring their own hardware and specialised human resources to maintain and protect from the constantly evolving array of internet security threats. Adapting to a hosted exchange for your mail system is an effective way to combat the drawbacks and threats of traditional exchange.

All the power, none of the costs

Hosted Exchange provides all the benefits of a traditional exchange system without the need for specialised hardware or resources to operate and maintain it. By outsourcing the management of your e-mail system, you’re benefitting from the latest exchange technology and the certainty that your mail is being protected from threat. IronTree now offers Hosted Exchange (HEX), a comprehensive and robust e-mail solution that is flexible, scalable and managed by an experienced team. HEX will assure you of secure and efficient e-mail without the management frustrations of a traditional exchange system. Contact IronTree for advice on this service that will assist you in your digital marketing.