Vote of confidence for Rubrik as it raises US$180 million

Following a huge vote of confidence for Rubrik – which recently raised US$180 million from a round of business financing – this Californian cloud data management company is building a global brand while accelerating its pace of innovation.

In the past two years, Rubrik has expanded to five continents and increased its staff by more than 15 times. It’s approached US$100-million in bookings and grown a customer base of several hundred enterprises.

Rubrik has also made headway into the Fortune 500, which is an annual list compiled and published by Fortune magazine to rank the revenues of large US corporations. And the company is being used by governments worldwide to modernise their IT setups.

A Rubrik spokesperson noted that when the business began, the data management market hadn’t been innovating for more than a decade. He went on to say: “What we’ve discovered is that enterprises across the globe are starved for a data management solution that is cloud-based.”

The company is able to deliver instant data access for recovery, analytics, compliance, and research, which means that its customers have extraordinary control over their data and its safety.

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