The best business owners back up - why?

 2017-09-07 09:56 AM by
The best business owners back up - why?

Backing up data is a business-critical function for the modern organization and ensuring your data is secured against loss, theft or corruption categorizes you as a good and wise business owner. Larger organizations with multiple offices located over wide geographical regions should have backup strategies in place that include reliable offsite backup routines. Cloud backups guarantees recovery of lost or corrupt business data and thus contribute greatly to business continuity.

Data plays a large role in both our personal and professional lives and as a business owner who already backs up to the cloud, you understand the value of having a reliable backup solution in place. You probably also realize that the location of your offsite backups is very important and that the ability to restore your data quickly after a disruptive event means less downtime and financial loss to your business.

Is your backup solution keeping you in the loop?

Whilst a routine that encompasses frequent (usually daily) automated backups is vital, the management of your backup system is equally important. Efficient software must include the facility to notify you of the status of your daily backups - Was the backup successful? Is the correct data being backed up? Were any errors encountered? These are all pertinent updates that demand attention as they occur. Status notifications allow pro-active remedial action to be taken as and when needed. This means that data backup errors can be resolved before an event occurs which necessitates file restoration. Peace of mind regarding company data also allows you to focus on your core business.

The absence of a comprehensive data strategy may prove to be a silent killer

A well-invested backup strategy is akin to an insurance policy against data loss and actively protects one of your most valuable assets in your business - your data. The investment may go unnoticed by many, but being able to recover from hardware failure, natural disasters and human error will at a minimum guarantee that you save time and money and could very well be the difference between sustainability and ultimate ruin.

Your choice to backup company data is a sound one and will inevitably become the practice of all other businesses. Keep valuing your data, as it is the key to growth and business development. Should you need more information on Online Backup South Africa, visit our website.