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  • Cloud is nice. But local is lekker

    Cloud is nice. But local is lekker

    Managed IT services vendor Securicom warns there are risks associated with storing company data in the cloud and that it’s safer for South African businesses to backup with vendors operating locally.

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  • Advantages of cloud computing

    Advantages of cloud computing

    Many people aren’t sure about what cloud computing actually is, yet it already plays a large role in our personal and working lives. If you have a gmail address, your email is hosted in the cloud; if you bank online and participate in social media you’re computing in the cloud.

    Cloud computing is, in short, the delivery of computer hardware and software via the Internet. It’s an extremely useful resource, especially for businesses, because it provides access to services that you either wouldn’t be able to afford or have space for in your office.

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  • FAQ: cloud backup

    FAQ: cloud backup

    Cloud backup is also known as online backup. With the term 'cloud' being used more and more to define services and storage hosted on remote servers that could be located anywhere, the term cloud backup is coming to the fore.

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  • Six business antivirus myths

    Six business antivirus myths

    One of the quirks of human nature is that when it comes to disasters, we tend to believe that 'it'll never happen to me'. Does this sound familiar to you?

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  • Why disaster recovery is a huge potential market for ISPs

    Why disaster recovery is a huge potential market for ISPs

    Internet Service Providers are in a unique position to offer their clients disaster recovery solutions that cover a broad area of disaster recovery.

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