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  • What are the actual costs of downtime?

    What are the actual costs of downtime?

    Downtime is a nightmare. By it’s very nature it arrives unexpectedly and becomes the wake-up call to put contingency plans in place for the future. But downtime can also be seen as an opportunity to test our systems and make sure we can avoid a repeat of the disruption.


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  • IronTree partner’s with SAICA to highlight business continuity products

    IronTree and SAICA national roadshow highlighted the business continuity products it offers to businesses and resellers.

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  • When disaster strikes

    When disaster strikes

    When a disaster strikes, whether it be a natural disaster, a human error or a cyberattack, wouldn’t it be advantageous to have a system in place to enable you to continue operating while it’s being sorted out?

     Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) is either a cloud-based form of backup or a dedicated hosting service that enables efficient recovery in the event of a natural or human disaster or a straightforward disruption to your computer system.

    Efficient recovery is the ability to switch to a standby computer server where operations can continue until your system is up and running again.

    But isn’t that what online backup is? No, despite what many people think, it isn’t.

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