Systems management in a nutshell

 2018-03-23 02:58 PM by
Systems management in a nutshell

So what is ‘systems management’? Systems management is an affordable way to manage, monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure. It means that all your colleagues’ devices, whether they’re in the office or offsite at any time, are protected, up to date and serviceable from the cloud.

Whether you and your colleagues are working at the office or remotely, your desktops and mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones are always protected, always up to date, and can be serviced, maintained and tracked 24/7.

What is systems management useful for?

  • Increasing your workforce’s productivity by eliminating spam and blocking browsing unauthorised websites
  • Helping you locate stolen devices and preventing the loss of your data
  • Increasing productivity by blocking unproductive apps and websites, including the installation of games
  • Gaining access to user’s desktops, either shared or with complete control
  • Evaluating your teams’ productivity by showing you who’s done what and when and with which device
  • Identifying problematic hardware and software and fixing it
  • Automating the deployment of updates and patches for your software
  • Repairing devices remotely, even when they’re switched off

Why is systems management economical?

  • There’s no outlay of infrastructure because management takes place in the cloud via broadband
  • The management console is easy to use, so there’s no time or skill expenditure for training
  • It’s available as an annual lease or on a monthly subscription basis, so you’re not bound by long-term contracts.

Endpoint protection

Systems management gives you peace of mind that your networked devices, also known as endpoints,  are running optimally and are safe from cyberthreats, and can be serviced, updated and monitored from wherever you are, any time of day. 

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