Should you invest in a spam filter solution?

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
Should you invest in a spam filter solution?

Do you see spam mail as nothing more than an irritating inconvenience that can be ignored or merely deleted? If you're running a business with multiple connected computing devices and associated users, then think again! Spam manifests in various forms and can have extremely destructive consequences for your business.

Have you considered the following reasons for investing in an effective spam filter solution?

Pop-up ads that appear when opening a website.

Whilst your browser can and should be configured to block pop-ups, users often disable this feature as they find it inconvenient. But pop-ups can be dangerous. Pop-ups that originate from suspect sites, such as gaming sites, free software or shareware sites, torrent download sites and so on, may look inviting but can easily contain a payload that unleashes malicious code that will infiltrate your network and either destroy or corrupt data or log and compromise confidential corporate and personal details. Effective spam filter solutions usually also have the capability to enable web filtering that will prevent this kind of activity.

Annoying - and malicious - spam emails.

We've all experienced periods of being bombarded with continuous streams of apparently unstoppable emails offering anything from viagra to cheap holidays to huge cash prizes that you've won on some phantom lottery. Spam filter solutions can minimise the occurrence of junk email messages actually landing in your inbox.

It's impossible to predict when someone in your organisation will actually open a spam email message and, perhaps in a moment of inattention or distraction, actually click on an attachment that unleashes a destructive executable file or infects your computer with a virus. This could compromise the entire operation of your company.

Effective spam filter solutions enable you to filter out most spam messages and then enable anti-virus protection for those messages that do make it through the anti-spam zone. For more about this topic, read this.

Spam that contains malicious code can access and divulge network log in details, enabling cyber criminals to use your facilities to conduct criminal activities.

We have a client who, as a result of an innocent employee opening an attachment to a spam email, unwittingly allowed someone to access their VOIP telephony system. The result was that an Eastern European-based internet café owner accessed the client telephony network for an entire weekend. When the client was finally notified by their legitimate service provider - 48 hours later - their telephony bill was R22 000.

A proper spam filter solution with allied firewall functionality could have prevented this scenario as the malicious code would not have been able to access the network in the first place. The R22 000 lost would have paid for a spam filter and allied security solution for a few years.

Spam can damage your company's hard-earned reputation.

Imagine a scenario whereby the result of a single individual being caught off guard and activating a spam attached executable is that an inappropriate email gets sent to every contact in the individual's address book. Once again, an effective spam filter solution will prevent this from ever happening.

The most effective spam solutions are cloud-based (hosted) solutions.

Cloud-hosted spam solutions have the following advantages:

    • They're easy to deploy and manage remotely
    • They continually access and check against the most up-to-date online databases of known threats
    • They provide effective protection no matter where your corporate device is - even if the device is not logged on to the corporate network
    • They usually include other great functionality such as anti-virus, website filtering and device control - read more about this here
    • They're often offered on a monthly subscription basis with no long-term contracts, thus enabling the spam filter solution to be flexible and scale with your business when necessary

To find out more, download our white paper, change or renew your antivirus solution, here.