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Self Help for Restores in the event of an Emergency situation…

Getting started

Open the Redstor Backup Pro application

From the Start Menu



Or the system tray



Once the application has launched



Navigate to the Restore Selections Tab & follow these instructions:



Step 1: 

Click on Restore Tab, as shown above


Step 2: 

You need to locate the DATE & DATA you would like to restore. Ie…Documents, Desktop etc… Right click on the ENTIRE folder you want restored ie Documents folder and INCLUDE the folder

Illustration of how to include data and what the folders should look like



Step 3:  

Once you’re happy with the DATA Selected for the RESTORE. (HIT THE RESTORE Button, as shown below.)



Step 4: 

Once you have clicked on the RESTORE button, the screen below will pop up.
As shown below, create a restore folder on your desktop. (NEVER EVER RESTORE TO THE ORIGINAL LOCATION, as the data you’re restoring may also be corrupt or infected)


Step 5:

Once you have selected the folder you’re restoring the data too, always select the “resume interrupted transfers”, just in case your internet connection drops.


Step 6: 

Once you have completed step 5, click on “SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS”, at the bottom right hand side of the screen.



Step 7:

The only option that should be ticked is “Recreate Folder Structure”, as shown above/below.


Step 8:

Finally, once all of the above has been completed, you need to click on RESTORE,
highlighted below. Once the restore has completed, your data can be found in the restore folder you created on the Desktop.




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