Rubrik’s Live Mount proving more than a recovery feature

Judging by the numerous ways in which Rubrik customers are using its Live Mount to run virtual machines directly from stored backups, the functionality is proving to be super useful.

The original purpose of Rubrik was as a recovery tool to give companies the ability to take point-in-time snapshots of objects stored within its platform. However, it’s reached far beyond being that backup solution, and is turning out to be a comprehensive data management solution as well.

As examples, Live Mount is being used as:

  • a proxy while upgrading and testing new patches and for security testing and configuration testing
  • a means to give auditors access to current records without disrupting production
  • an alternative access to files for data queries and reporting without disrupting production

Live Mount can support many unique scenarios in addition to being a recovery service, and therein lies its success.

Read eight useful ways that Live Mount supports business functions in the full article.

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