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IronTree reseller programme

IronTree prides itself on bringing its resellers innovative solutions at affordable prices.

How the programme works

Partnership programmes often promise the world but under-deliver on results. We’ve designed a reseller model to truly add value and ensure you reap cash rewards.

Our infrastructure was designed to track specific sales and reward resellers who refer clients to us. This means that if a potential client visits our website through the unique reference ID we provide you (the reseller) with, then the sale will be logged to your account. We provide the technology and you reap the rewards.

Our margins are generous

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Cyber Security


VPS Hosting


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Cloud Backup


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Disaster Recovery


*10% standard, once Panda Certified = 20%
**This is subject to review only after quotation

Become an IronTree reseller!

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If you’re keen to earn recurring income and give value to your customers at no extra effort, why not give our programme a try?

Once you’ve applied we’ll send you an email confirmation and then contact you to determine your eligibility.

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What you can earn

The potential earning ability is limitless. We strive to increase our reseller sales every month and measure ourselves against the best in the business.

We settle accounts quarterly and continuously monitor reseller performance, informing them of their status and owed balance through the Reseller Zone.

How we support you

Account Manager

Every reseller will be matched with an experienced and resourceful account manager. This person will be your IronTree representative and available to you when you need them. They can accompany you to sales meetings, offer technical support in a pinch and ensure your service runs at an optimal level. More than that, these managers are trained to provide business solution consulting. So they’ll not only provide IronTree advice but, if needed, can offer a holistic consulting service.


Throughout the year, we hold dedicated events for our resellers and end customers. These are great opportunities to find out about new products in the pipeline and marketing technologies we’re experimenting with. We also share sales tips and techniques exclusively to our resellers.

Mobile application & management console

We offer an easy-to-use mobile application where you can manage your entire IronTree client base: add or remove accounts, check your rebate balance and even send support tickets.  We also offer a dedicated management console for our larger accounts, where you can you manage all your clients’ backup accounts in one location.

Digital marketing support pack

In addition to sales and technical support, we offer a digital marketing support pack. But what is that? It’s a way of passing on information we have about the industry and our products, including how to sell and market them. Through trial and error and lots of experimentation we continue to find strategies that work for digital marketing, and we pass our findings out to you through a variety of channels.


Local is lekker

Our cloud backup and disaster recovery services are hosted in South Africa.


Real human service

We offer real human support. We understand and empathise with you when you have lost your information and are unable to work.


No strings attached

Monthly subscription based, no long term commitments.


Setup assistance

We will make sure your service is running and setup is done optimally. 

South Africa Outline

Nationwide partner network

We have a nationwide partner network when you require onsite assistance.


Friends with benefits

Join our partner program and build a sustainable, recurring revenue stream. You can also refer a friend and get a Takealot voucher.

We are taking all necessary precautions around the COVID-19 situation. Our offices are closed and our team members have each been set up to work remotely in self-isolation at home. As far as possible IronTree will maintain business as usual. All our resources such as server platforms, transactional capacity, telephony and electronic communications, including video meeting facilities, have been configured in the cloud and are 100% operational. Please feel free to contact us if you require our assistance. Stay safe!
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