Remember the days when we didn’t really need security software

 2018-06-13 04:09 PM by
Remember the days when we didn’t really need security software

Don’t you get the feeling that things aren’t how they used to be? Many of us long for the time when the world operated at a slower pace and we had more time to think.

These days we’re bombarded by information from multiple sources, with each source presenting its own agenda, whether to get us to spend more or think we need more, and we’re constantly being manipulated to feel inadequate if we don’t.

News reaches us immediately, and often it’s bad news, from Trump and the Russian impact on the elections to breaches of Facebook protocols, hacks resulting in stolen data and wars causing people pain.

Remember the days when you used to connect to the Internet through your telephone line – you could hear the modem dialing – and you’d disconnect once your tasks were complete. Now most of us are connected 24 x 7 x 365.

In the old days, our cyber security threats were solved by installing an antivirus solution. Today, cyber security is an entirely different, and more complex, animal to deal with.

One of the most important questions to ask is where your security software comes from. Is it from a reliable source? Is it from a company who has your best interests at heart?

Remember, the security software you install on your computer sits behind your firewall and you trust it to do the right thing. But it’s analogous to allowing a stranger into your house. You need a reason to believe that it’s safe.

In an effort to bring trust and confidence into systems involving personal data, the EU has brought about the General Data Protection Regulation, which came into effect on May 25. I’m sure you’ll have received many emails over the past few months requesting consent to hold your personal details from suppliers updating their privacy policies.

The GDPR is leading the drive to raise the protection and security of data. South Africa’s own version of this privacy law, Protection of Personal Information (POPI), will come into play over the next year or so.

At IronTree we choose legitimate security solutions from reliable sources. IronTree’s range of Panda security software is built in Europe with EU certification and is fully competent to take on the new wave of data protection.