Recovery Software is growing dollar value of IT industry

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
Recovery Software is growing dollar value of IT industry

Have you ever had the ignominy of deleting or losing an important file by accident or as a result of malware infection or hard-drive failure? You may have tried to recover the file by using file recovery software or sent your hard-drive to recovery experts, but more often than not you will find that the file has been lost forever.

The ever-increasing reliance on data.

Our increasing reliance on data and data transfer means that data protection is a critical part of a business’s focus. It is estimated that a company’s data grows by 20 percent every year. It’s no surprise that the data recovery market is growing significantly every year. It’s a good practice to back up data to an external drive, however the tendency for external drives and other backup media (among other reasons) to fail when you need them the most has spawned the cloud backup market.

Recovering data from a failed hard drive

That dreaded clicking sound coming from your hard drive means it will soon crash. When the hard drive does crash, you will find that it costs a significant amount to get your data recovered, if it can be recovered at all. It can cost upwards of thousands of Rands to recover data - factor in the cost of downtime and the losses can be substantial.

Backing up to the cloud

Cloud backup systems are housed in secure locations, with redundant storage arrays and fire proof systems - something that is unachievable even for large enterprises. Using file recovery to backup to a cloud storage location means that if your computers are stolen, lost in a fire or hit by ransom-ware, you will be able to recover files and even entire volumes in no time.

The role of file recovery software in business continuity

Part of a company’s business continuity plan would include a data protection plan. Intrinsic to this plan would be regular and scheduled backup and disaster recovery simulations. Also have a plan to verify data integrity - there’s no sense in backing up the wrong data. Back up as many times per day as possible to minimize RPO and RTO.

File recovery software is becoming a market grower for the IT industry.

It’s no surprise that the dollar value of IT support is increasing due to file recovery software and cloud backup. The advantages of using cloud backup is many-fold and can save more than just face but a business's’ future. Some providers of cloud backup have reseller options where you can earn income from adopting or promoting cloud backup. Businesses are seeing the affordability and advantages of cloud backup and using cloud backup.