Vulnerability management and security scanning solution


IronTree Radar is a vulnerability management and security scanning solution.

This service gives your business the tools to control and manage the IT security risks in your business network environment. It is designed to help businesses of all sizes identify and correct weaknesses in any platform or web application.


What is Radar?

F-Secure Radar is a sophisticated security scanning system that enables a business, large or small, to control and manage its IT security and reduce the risk of cyber-attack on its business network.

From Radar’s straightforward, browser-based interface, a business can scan its systems, networks, devices and applications for vulnerabilities, fix the problems that arise, rescan for certainty and generate detailed reports to assist with problem solving going forward

Radar is available in three ways: 1) from the cloud, 2) as a fully managed service, and 3) as a private on-site solution.

Why you should use Radar?

  • It radically improves the protection of your IT environment from malware and cyber-attack
  • It’s scalable to suit the changing size of your business as you grow or scale down
  • It’s available month to month with no longterm contracts
  • Its problem solving capacity assists in business continuity
  • It can be used to show compliancy with data security laws (GDPR + POPI)

How Radar works

F-Secure Radar scans and manages your IT network from a centralised hub where you can monitor the scanning process, assign tasks to be carried out and create customised reports. The full process involves:

  • Mapping the assets of your network
  • Scanning for weaknesses
  • Managing necessary changes
  • Generating reports
  • Confirming weaknesses have been eliminated

Pricing Radar 

25-499 devices (any device with an IP address)  R95 Per device, per month excluding VAT

Package information

Unlimited scans of any type in Radar (Discovery, System and Web Scan) with maintenance and support services for valid time period of the subscription.

When subscriptions are renewed, the renewal price is the same as new product subscription price.