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Privacy Statement of IronTree

IronTree Internet Services CC

Details of the personal information we collect and use.

Which personal information we collect

When you register to become our client, we collect personal information from you such as your name and your contact, location and banking details. This is necessary to fulfil the requirements of the business relationship which may exist between us. We don’t collect or use special personal information unless we’re legally obliged to. Special personal information includes, for example, trade union membership details, racial origin, genetic and biometric data. Where it’s necessary to collect the personal information of a child, we always obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

How we collect personal information

When we collect your personal information directly from you, we do this:

  • through your access and use of our websites
  • through participation in our promotions and competitions
  • during conversations between you and our employees; and
  • when you complete an application or purchase order

We may also collect your personal information from third parties, but we’ll always tell you if we need to. These third parties could include credit bureaux or similar institutions. To find out who we use, please contact us using our details below.

What we do with personal information

We may use personal information for:

  • providing products or services
  • informing customers of other similar products or services
  • administration of customer accounts
  • identifying customers
  • debt management
  • product quality management
  • analysis of customer preferences
  • fraud detection and prevention
Who we might share personal information with

To maintain and improve our services we may need to share your personal information with other similar service providers. We always ensure that we have a lawful basis for sharing. We may also be mandated to disclose your personal information in response to requests from a court, police services or other regulatory bodies. Where feasible, we’ll let you know before making a disclosure and, in order to protect your privacy, we’ll ensure that we disclose only the minimum amount of your information necessary for the required purpose.

How we look after personal information

We limit the amount of personal information collected to what is fit for the purpose of our business relationship. We restrict, secure and control all our information assets against unauthorised access, damage, loss or destruction; whether physical or electronic. We retain personal information only for as long as necessary to fulfil the requirements of business relationships, respond to requests from individuals, or longer if required by law. If we retain your personal information for historical or statistical purposes, we ensure that the personal information can’t be used further. While in our possession, together with your assistance, we try to maintain the accuracy of your personal information.

Our contact details

IronTree Internet Services CC
Unit 1, Westlake Square
Westlake Drive, Westlake
Cape Town

PO Box 32263
Camps Bay


We are taking all necessary precautions around the COVID-19 situation. Our offices are closed and our team members have each been set up to work remotely in self-isolation at home. As far as possible IronTree will maintain business as usual. All our resources such as server platforms, transactional capacity, telephony and electronic communications, including video meeting facilities, have been configured in the cloud and are 100% operational. Please feel free to contact us if you require our assistance. Stay safe!
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