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Please pass on my greatest appreciation for all your company has done for me during this lockdown period. There are so many corporates and public sector departments that should bow their heads in shame! IronTree was happy to work towards a common goal and remain partners in a difficult time. IronTree supports small and large companies.

Cloud Backup

Wave Surf Shop benefitted from using our simple & secure Cloud Backup solution. Our hosted backup solutions offer an up-to-date way to backup your computer to the cloud. Find out more

During lockdown our electricity was cutting out daily and our backups couldn’t be done. Our business was at risk. IronTree support stepped in. “You were excellent. Our backups were restored and done in record time. Thank you for assisting us so quickly and efficiently.”

Cloud Backup

To Geared Up Power Transmissions it became crucial for their organisation to have a complete copy of their critical data during COVID-19 lockdown. Find out more

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Had we not gone over to this hosted server, we would not have been able to work or operate at all during the lockdown.

Cloud Hosting

IronTree assisted UBS with an advanced Virtual Private Server solution. Ensuring data synchronization, consistent connectivity and a fast implementation process. Find out more

Our backups wouldn’t run. Shortly after I sent an email I received a call. Super efficient, polite and helpful. Problem sorted in no time. Very impressed with the service I got from IronTree tech support staff. I only have compliments for your tech support and staff.

Cloud Backup

Sherpa Trade & Invest benefitted from our hassle-free and fully automated Cloud Backup Solution as well as IronTree's speedy and efficient service. Find out more

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We are taking all necessary precautions around the COVID-19 situation. Our offices are closed and our team members have each been set up to work remotely in self-isolation at home. As far as possible IronTree will maintain business as usual. All our resources such as server platforms, transactional capacity, telephony and electronic communications, including video meeting facilities, have been configured in the cloud and are 100% operational. Please feel free to contact us if you require our assistance. Stay safe!
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