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Online backup in South Africa vs the international cloud

How safe do you want your data to be? How accountable do you want your service providers to be to you? In which global location is your backed up data being kept? Does it bother you? The answers to these questions are very important.

If you are doing your online backup in South Africa – using a South African company – then the laws of South Africa govern the contract. If you are doing your backup to a cloud backup company located somewhere outside of South Africa, however, then that service is subject to the terms and conditions of the service provider and governed by the laws of the country in which they are based.

Online backup in South Africa is easy to manage and control, as well as being much safer from a legal point of view.

With online backup in South Africa, if you ever have to take legal action against a service provider, you have a number of advantages:

    • You know and understand the system.
    • You understand the complaint mechanisms.
    • You would only pay for legal and other services in Rands, not in US Dollars or GB Pounds.

If you are using international cloud backup services, your data could be located on servers in a country whose laws and methods are completely out of sync with expected standards and norms.

Other benefits of online backup in South Africa include the following:

    • Using local vs international bandwidth in terms of costs.
    • Using local vs international bandwidth in terms of speed of data transfer for each backup.
    • Using local vs international bandwidth in terms of speed and efficiency of data restores.
    • Knowing where your critical business data resides.
    • Being able to speak to top management and get responses – this is extremely difficult with an international service.
    • Being able to get the service of a fully staffed call centre operating in your time zone providing local support.
    • Getting the benefit of the service provider’s dealer network and ability to respond with actual visits to your premises where warranted.

When looked at like this, it’s clear that doing your online backup in South Africa makes a lot more sense.

In addition, the Draft Information Security Policies as presented by The Department of Public Service and Administration states the following:

“Backup of the organisation’s data files and the ability to recover such data is a top priority. Managements are responsible for ensuring that the frequency of such backup operations and the procedures for recovery meet the needs of the State.”

The needs of the state dictate that ideally the data is backed up to South African servers.

In fact, in Australia the law states that a business must back up their business data to servers in Australia. I believe we are coming very close to such legislation in South Africa. Obviously the state would not have access to any data except in the case of fraud, corruption or crime investigations. In terms of the statutory five years’ worth of data that every business needs to keep, however, backing it up to servers in South Africa is crucial.

Yes, online backup in South Africa can be more expensive than cloud backup based somewhere else.

However, one needs to make an informed comparison between an anonymous service and one where you are assisted every step of the way.

The benefits of online backup in South Africa far outweigh the disadvantages.

We’re talking online backup in South Africa that takes the form of an easy-to-access, fully supported, professional service governed by the laws of South Africa and where management are the owners and take responsibility for your online backup.

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