Nine great reasons to offer remote IT support

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
Nine great reasons to offer remote IT support

Do you find yourself wasting valuable time sitting in traffic on the way to see clients? Do your costs of providing support continually increase as a result of toll fees, ever-increasing fuel costs and vehicle insurance premiums?

Implementing a remote support application tool circumvents these very real issues. Running a successful IT support company hinges not only on implementing good business practices, but also on working smarter - not harder. Here are nine reasons why offering remote IT support helps you do just that:

1. Remote IT support increases your competitiveness in the market.

Sustainably profitable businesses depend on differentiation in the marketplace. If you have a tool that other companies don't have, you're already differentiating yourself.

2. Remote IT support increases efficiency.

If you subscribe to the 80:20 rule, you'll agree that 80% of client support incidents could have been avoided if you had a proactive monitor alerting you to potential issues on every client device. Effective remote support tools allow you to constantly monitor clients' IT environments and preempt issues that could cause downtime. In this regard, prevention is better than cure. For example, it would be helpful to know which clients are still running Windows XP, which devices have not installed the most current Windows security patch, which hard drives are nearing capacity and so on.

3. Remote IT support is client friendly.

Speed is the name of the game. If you can help your clients by resolving IT issues in a matter of minutes rather than hours, you'll constantly exceed your clients' expectations. This will result in delighted clients who end up referring new business to your company through word of mouth.

4. Remote IT support is less intrusive.

Client personnel can continue working with little or no disruption while you are proactively maintaining and troubleshooting their network.

5. Remote IT support provides client device support even when the device is not at the client's office.

For example, a director may be travelling overseas with a laptop that requires urgent support intervention. As long as the client has an internet connection, you'll easily be able to provide the required support.

6. Remote IT support allows you to offer after hours support wherever you happen to be.

All you need is to be connected to the internet. Offering an 'after hours' value-add is a great way to increase the reputation of your brand. It also allows you to increase revenue, either by including an after hours component in every client SLA (Service Level Agreement) or by billing for each after hours incident.

7. Remote IT support is cost effective.

Travel costs including fuel, toll fees and time wasted sitting in traffic can all be avoided. In addition, remote support tools allow you to support multiple clients simultaneously.

8. Remote IT support allows you to monitor your own team of support agents more effectively.

If 80% of client support is performed remotely from your office, you don't ever have to wonder about on-site time wasting and consequent resistance from clients when it comes to paying the full support invoice amount.

9. Remote IT support facilitates client feedback through efficient reporting.

Remote support tools keep track of all incidents, whether these incidents relate to proactive network and device monitoring, client incident resolution or configuring of new devices. You're then able to easily generate client reports that clearly depict the value added by your service.

Whether you're a small or big IT support company, delighting your clients with amazing service whilst simultaneously increasing your own company's profitability is the 'holy grail of business'. Download our white paper 'How to make your business more flexible and cost effective' now and start differentiating your business.