New, sophisticated plan for IT risk management

 2018-02-19 02:49 PM by
New, sophisticated plan for IT risk management

These days, no matter which antivirus software we use, our computer systems and applications are at risk. The proof of this is the countless daily cyber-attacks on supposedly secure businesses worldwide. As they say, there are two kinds of networks – those that have been compromised by a cyber-attack and those that will be!

What businesses need is a tool that constantly scans for threats and weaknesses, 24/7, and reports on them so immediate action can be taken to eliminate threats before cyber criminals take advantage.

High-tech vulnerability scanner

F-Secure Radar is a tool that does exactly that – it reduces your IT risk by mapping your attack surface, scanning your systems, networks, devices and applications for vulnerabilities, telling you how to eliminate them, then rescanning to check that the vulnerabilities are eliminated, and sending executive summary reports.

Radar is more than an antivirus solution. It looks for risks in the form of outdated software, misconfigured systems, improper patch management and insecure web applications – and all of these are detected when the vulnerability scanner runs automatically, frequently and at scheduled times.

Cloud-based or in-house

The vulnerability scanning and management solution was designed by a European pioneer in cyber security and data protection to enable businesses to control and manage their IT security risk.

It can be run via the cloud as a SaaS (software as a service) application or privately as an in-house solution, and is scalable to suit medium-sized and large enterprises.

3 reasons to use Radar:

  • Radar is great if you don’t have the time and resources to run vulnerability scans yourself,
  • if you don’t know what kinds of vulnerabilities to look for, and
  • if you’re having to come up with a plan to reduce your IT security risks.

Call IronTree for a chat about Radar or to facilitate a free trial – but be prepared to be scared by what Radar discovers on your network!