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IT technology trends in 2019

Check out Dimension Data’s forecast of IT trends for 2019 because it holds opportunities for all businesses in terms of improving internal processes and customer services, and in encouraging development and overall growth.

This global IT company’s technology experts predict that by next year, organisations will have cottoned on to the need to: understand the value of data, empower employees, use cloud-based or managed services, and increase their cyber security.

Due to a cyber threat landscape that’s rapidly changing – I mean, just think of all the high-level security breaches that have taken place through 2018 – Dimension Data says organisations’ cybersecurity strategies will have to adapt in response.

The experts predict a rise in uptake of cloud-based cyber security platforms as a result of the mindset change that’s already begun to happen. In the past, organisations saw security as an afterthought, but ‘security by design’ has now become vital, not only to protect essential company data but in terms of the GDPR and other privacy regulations coming into force worldwide.

They also remind us that cloud-based security systems have the advantage of an open API (application programming interface), which enables security teams to integrate new technologies into the platform quickly and easily. In this way, clients are able to keep up with a threat landscape that’s constantly evolving.

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