IT support companies need to offer mobile device management

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IT support companies need to offer mobile device management

Scenario 1

The sales director at one of your clients has a lunch meeting with a strategic business partner to discuss a large pending deal. Naturally, the director has his tablet with him, with all of the information pertinent to the discussion (as well as all corporate information; email, contacts, text messages etc.). After lunch, while on his way back to the office, the sales director realizes that he has left his tablet on the table at the restaurant. He rushes back to the location to no avail, the tablet is nowhere to be found.


Scenario 2

Following a disciplinary hearing, a key company employee is dismissed and immediately escorted off the company premises. The following day, the company directors realize that, as a result of the modern day practice of BYOD (bring your own device), the dismissed employee has a personal laptop and iPhone that contain confidential company data.

How can mobile device management play a role in these scenarios?

If you've implemented a mobile device management facility (this should be an inherent mandatory component of all customer service level agreements), you'd be able to instantly remotely clear specific relevant devices of all content. As a result, compromised data will no longer be accessible and, in addition, the relevant devices will no longer be able to connect to the corporate network to further access data.

Do you think that your clients don't really need to worry about the risk of confidential data being exposed to competitors, clients or suppliers? Think again.

Many companies may not think they need a policy and strategy to manage mobile devices. The reality is that mobile devices are the fastest growing IT asset within most corporations. Along with the BYOD trend, IT organisations without a mobile device management policy can no longer control what devices are within the organisation or what those devices are doing.

Cloud hosted mobile device management solutions are the most effective tools.

The existence of efficient cloud hosted mobile device management solutions makes it easy to install, configure, implement and manage complete remote management and support, and all that this encompasses, across your entire client base. Unlike traditional remote mobile device management solutions, cloud hosted tools require absolutely no hardware devices, software firewalls or management consoles to be installed on-premise at each client. All that's required is the remote installation of a software agent (negligible in size) on each relevant client device. This means that the mobile device management solution is extremely cost-effective and easy to support and maintain via a cloud based, user friendly management console.

Cloud hosted mobile device management solutions enable all relevant devices to be managed at all times, wherever the devices are.

Because the 'device agent' connects to a cloud based management console directly, it's completely irrelevant whether devices that need to be managed are logged onto a company domain or not.

Mobile device management, whilst facilitating a crucial role when required (who hasn't lost a mobile device full of confidential data, or had a device stolen?) is really just a small component of most cloud hosted remote management tools.