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Is DRaaS and Rubrik a match made in heaven?

Disaster recovery as a Service, or DRaaS for short, is the provision of cloud-based backup and recovery of a business’s functionality and data.

In an age where just about everything has gone digital, and everything that is digital is vulnerable to cyber attack, DRaaS is an essential solution. Why? Because it involves the replication and hosting of your server/s by a third party provider. This means your data and your operational applications are a) located off-premise and therefore safe from intruders who have no idea where your secondary site is located and b) protected by high levels of security.

DRaaS is basically a business’s safeguard from any kind of data and application loss, no matter how that loss occurs.

What exactly does good DRaaS provide?

  • Simple: Simplified disaster recovery. Your IT staff don’t need to manage the process because a replica of your data and applications rests in the cloud and can be accessed immediately in a time of need.
  • Modern: Fast recovery. The advanced software that DRaaS uses enables a near-zero RTO (restore time objective) and RPO (restore point objective – the amount of data that you would lose in a disruptive event) and thus enables you to access your data and applications in minutes instead of the hours or days it used to take with traditional disaster recovery methodology.
  • Comprehensive: Offering complete protection from ransomware. A good DRaaS provider uses an immutable file system to prevent ransomware from corrupting your DRaaS software, and guarantees that you always have a full system backup to recover from.

So what’s the heavenly connection with Rubrik?

According to the recently published evaluation, The Forrester Wave™: Data Resiliency Solutions, Q3 2019, Rubrik is a champion of simple, modern, comprehensive data resiliency.

In this report, Forrester singles Rubrik out as the solution provider that, in particular, “suits firms aiming to simplify, modernise, and consolidate data resiliency”.

What they mean by data resiliency is the ability for a server or a network to recover its data quickly and resume operations after any kind of equipment failure, power outage or other disruption.

Rubrik provides all the components of good DRaaS. For example, a Rubrik environment is one which:

  • is local and in the cloud
  • delivers quick on-site recovery and off-site DRaaS
  • is integrated into your VPS hosted server
  • has complete protection from ransomware
  • ensures near-zero recovery time of ‘lost’ data
  • generates security status reports
  • provides a radically simplified disaster recovery (DR) experience, due to replication of networking and infrastructure

So if a disaster or a disruption takes place, then the business’s critical services continue to run in our Hosted Infrastructure powered by Rubrik DRaaS.

The benefit of a solution such as Rubrik is straightforward. It’s a simple, fast and future-proof way to protect your company’s most valuable asset – its data.
So yes, it’s safe to say that disaster recovery as a service and Rubrik are a match made in heaven.

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