How would a data disaster impact your business?

 2017-12-14 11:19 AM by
How would a data disaster impact your business?

I find it interesting to chat regularly with our call centre agents, specifically to hear customer stories. One of our newly acquired customers, a Cape-based catering company, called in last month. The CEO, let’s call him Derek, advised that his entire network had been compromised by a ransomware attack and he couldn’t recover his data...

  • Derek’s IT support company had previously advised that he shouldn’t backup his data offsite as the onsite backup device was cost-effective and sufficiently robust
  • The ransomware attack subsequently infected the entire network including the backup device
  • ALL the business data was encrypted and became unreadable
  • Derek was unable to successfully pay the ransom and thus could not recover any data

The result of all of this was that the company was totally unable to conduct business as usual and had to rely on communications from customers in order to figure out which functions they needed to be preparing for. In addition, the company wasn’t sure which customers owed them money!

Backing up the right data is vital

Could you find yourself in this situation? Are you securely backing up ALL business-critical data from EVERY device in your company to a reputable offsite data backup service provider?

Furthermore, are you certain that your data backup selections are current and valid? It goes without saying that you cannot restore data that hasn’t been selected for backup in the first place! It’s irrelevant how automated and reliable your backup routine is if you’re not regularly checking data selections AND performing test restores.

IronTree’s Premium Plus Service (PPS) facilitates a quarterly call from an agent who will confirm data selections, do a test restore and provide a detailed audit report – all for the price of twp cappuccinos per month! Click here to find out more.

Before I forget, what was the outcome of the customer story above? Well, Derek is now backing up ALL the devices that have business data on them to IronTree’s secure offsite storage platform and he’s also installed the Panda AD360 anti-ransomware solution from IronTree on all devices.

IronTree supplies a range of cloud-hosted business continuity solutions at affordable monthly subscriptions with NO long-term contracts.

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