How safe is your business?

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How safe is your business?

In today’s web-driven world where email and data move incredibly fast and extensively, we have increasing opportunity to do business locally and worldwide. But with this opportunity has come threat: to our ideas, our communication, our data and our business transactions.

As the Internet has grown, so too have unwelcome elements that endanger your computer network and your data. Few people seem to realise for example, that email, by default, is not a safe way to send and receive data. It only becomes safe as a means to share information when protection against spamming, viruses, malware and ransomware is put in place. Hackers specifically use email to gain unauthorised access to data because they know just how many people use it and their chances at success are high.

Spam and viruses are a constant struggle, especially if you haven’t put filtering systems in place to counteract them, while malware, ransomware and other forms of online attack usually strike when least expected, so having protection in place is the only way to avoid it.

The good news is that technology keeps up with evolving concerns and constantly challenges negative issues with positive solutions.

The cloud is one such positive solution email and Internet security. For small and medium-sized businesses, the privacy and security possibilities provided by the cloud are far more substantial than what these businesses could afford to do with their own, in-house IT setup.

Take email in the cloud as an example; with cloud technology you can now have your business’s entire email server hosted for you, with the benefit of advanced security, fixed costs and a saving of space. With this kind of hosted exchange, anti-spam and anti-virus software is built in and constantly being updated by experts at the top of their game. This means that your emails are being protected by spam and virus filtering 24/7 and your data itself is safe from loss, whether due to malware, theft or natural disaster. 

An added benefit of hosted exchange is that your emails are available to you and your colleagues from wherever you are, and constantly being synchronised to whichever device is being used. Seamless connectivity means your team is never wasting time because their email is down or the company’s server has crashed.

Apart from the convenience of cloud technology and its substantial safety element, it has a cost advantage too. For a fixed monthly sum you can have the services you choose. While the costs are usually flexible, and can be altered if your business grows or scales down, they are still fixed, so you can budget for the safety of your business with certainty. 


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