How can PC remote tools help increase sales of new computers?

 2017-02-16 10:06 AM by
How can PC remote tools help increase sales of new computers?

You and your customers should all by now be aware of the fact that Microsoft support for Windows XP ends as of April 8th this year. Yes, that's next month. What does this mean?

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It doesn't mean that your customers' XP devices will no longer work.

It does however leave customers in a precarious position. Firstly, Microsoft will release no further security patches for Windows XP. This means that Windows XP devices may be exposed to cyber-attacks specifically targeting flaws in the Windows XP Operating System. In addition, it's likely that future software application releases will not be developed with Windows XP in mind and thus may not work properly on a Windows XP machine.

Your clients need to be made aware of the risks of continuing to use a Windows XP machine.

In fact, letting your clients continue using their Windows XP machines is pretty much akin to going away on holiday, cancelling your insurance and leaving the house keys in the front door together with a sign saying 'gone fishing for two weeks'. It only takes a single nefarious character to notice the lack of security and consequently burgle your house. Do you think that your clients would be happy to be exposed to even a single cybercriminal infiltrating their network? Is this a risk you're willing to let your clients take?

Research indicates that Windows XP is the second most popular Operating System globally, commanding a 21.7% market share. In SA, Windows XP has a 17.2% market share. This means that potentially almost 1 in 6 desktop computers at every one of your clients is an XP machine.

So, if you have 100 clients with on average 10 computers or laptops per client, you should be recommending that approximately 172 Windows XP computers need replacing. Add the revenue from the margin on a computer sale together with installation and configuration services (say R1500 per computer) and you're looking at a potential profit of over R250K across your client base.

Two questions come to mind. Firstly, how can you ignore this opportunity to provide great customers service, prevent potentially catastrophic client issues and enhance your own productivity and profitability? Secondly, how can you easily and instantly recognize Windows XP devices at every client? The first question, of course, is rhetorical. The answer to the second question is simple: deploy a fully featured cloud hosted remote management application on every client device.

It's important to deploy a cloud-hosted remote management tool.

Cloud-hosted tools enable easy remote deployment, centralized management consoles across your entire client base and require zero hardware infrastructure and related cost and maintenance issues.

Cloud-hosted PC remote tools enable you - at the click of a button - to interrogate entire client environments, even if specific devices are not actually on the client domain, for example the director's laptop that is on a business trip with him. Cloud-hosted PC remote tools also enable you to instantly generate a report detailing specifications for each device: operating system version, hardware configuration (including hard drive sizes, amount of RAM installed and other) as well as all software applications installed.

Using my example above (100 clients, 1000 computers), it would probably take weeks to visit every client site and then check every machine configuration. Functional PC remote tools enable you to conduct a detailed audit of this nature within minutes.

Cloud-hosted PC remote tools have many other productivity enhancing proactive support features and allied profitability-enhancing results for your business.

So ask yourself, can you afford to not deploy a remote management tool across your clie