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Hosted Telephony

Irontree partners with Euphoria Telecom to bring you a product that provides an innovative cloud based, cost-effective business telephone service that brings unprecedented control and automated operational efficiency to businesses.

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Why IronTree partners with Euphoria Telecom

Euphoria Telecom understands the limitations of the South African internet system. Its PBX system was designed and built in South Africa, and it knows how to manage the business telephony environment here.

The system runs on a true cloud PBX platform, with all the associated and expected flexibility and scalability. This means: 

  • You can opt to include as much (or as little) integration as your business requires and this can be altered at any time as your business grows or condenses.
  • You only pay for what you need and use.
  • You can have as many extensions as you need and change this whenever you want.

There are no complex setups and no steep learning curves.


Key attributes


Euphoria Enterprise Cloud PBX services are designed to meet 99. 9% availability. The application software, IP connectivity and call completion are highly efficient and dependable, and are connected to the backbone of two major voice network suppliers in South Africa.


It’s possible to add as many sites or as many phones at a single site as you want. With no capital, resource, bandwidth or technical constraints within our environment, your growth is boundless whether you have 100, 1,000, or 10,000+ employees in your company.



The product has multiple layers of security:

  • Our online portal (TMS) uses 256bit encryption for client access, the same level as Internet banking.
  • Our system picks up irregular calling patterns similar to that of a hacked account and blocks the calls before they're connected.
  • Each account has a credit limit which is the last line of defence against abuse of an account. Once a credit limit has been reached, new calls cannot be initiated until the credit limit is increased or a payment is processed against the account.
  • Our systems are updated, patched and improved constantly, so you can relax.