Hosted exchange – it’s about time

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Hosted exchange – it’s about time

We could all do without the spamming, phishing and irrelevant communications being sent to our mailboxes but, those aside, email is an extremely beneficial and necessary tool in today’s world. In fact, email along with calendar facilities and task management have become critical to business and social interaction and, these days, people use multiple smart devices to access these communication and schedule planning tools.

What’s a bit bizarre though, certainly in the SME space, is that many people are still using “old technology” POP accounts to operate from. POP accounts are unable to synchronise emails, calendar schedules and tasks across devices, which is a recipe for missed appointments, unanswered email messages and incomplete task management.

Changing to a hosted exchange email facility shouldn’t even be debatable. Hosted exchange facilitates complete synchronisation of all electronic communication and scheduling across all devices. For example, if you create a doctor’s appointment on your mobile phone whilst you’re out having a coffee, the appointment will be visible in your calendar when you get back to your desk and view it on your PC. If you read, respond to and delete an email whilst at the coffee shop, all these interactions will be updated on your office PC, tablet and any other smart device you use.

If you already have your own office-based exchange server, hosted exchange should be part of your business’ migration plans. One of the convenient things about hosted exchange is that you don’t need an email server on your premises. You still have access to a server, but it’s not one you ever need to purchase, maintain, backup, secure, insure or upgrade. The hosted exchange service provider configures and maintains the server in a secure data centre and is responsible for its operating and licensing costs and all relevant hardware and software upgrades.

Hosted exchange provides robustness, reliability and security at an affordable monthly fixed cost (and means you don’t have to include this component in your CapEx budget). Hosted exchange is a scalable solution that is relevant to any size of business no matter how many or few mailboxes it requires – monthly billing is per mailbox, with a monthly cost of as little as R55.

According to David Lees from IronTree Internet Services: “Hosted exchange is a more secure and economical way for businesses to run their email setup as the service includes protection and is scalable.”

Top security

IronTree’s Hosted Exchange solution (IronTree HEX), which uses Microsoft Outlook, has built-in anti-virus and anti-spam software that automatically does the filtering for you and keeps your emails safe from malware. Your information is replicated on multiple secure servers in IronTree’s data centre, which is great for business continuity – if your computers or mobile devices are damaged or stolen, exchange transactions are never lost.

Lees goes on to say, “HEX can solve the major headaches in your business – you don’t have to worry about licensing or cybercriminals entering your email system because the operating software is upgraded for you and top security software is built in. Plus, there’s the option of branding, which makes corporate image and brand building as well as intelligent marketing a whole lot easier.”

The IronTree HEX marketing option comes in the form of branding that enables automated, professional email signatures being sent with each sender’s email messages. Rotating product and service banners can advertise your services in emails being sent out, and intelligent links in your banners and signatures enable you to track email responses and refine messaging based on the responses you get.

While the branding functionality is a nominal extra, it can be purchased just for staff who send external emails, rather than for all mailboxes, so it’s an affordable way to equip your marketing staff with tools to show off your company’s products.

HEX is really easy to migrate to from an on-site server, IMAP or POP email address from any provider without any disruption at all.

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