Synchronize email and calendars

IronTree HEX

This service ensures your organisation will enjoy complete synchronicity of electronic communications, including email, tasks, calendars and contacts. 


IronTree hosted exchange how does it work

What is hosted exchange?

  • Having a server without the costs of an actual machine. IronTree hosted exchange (HEX), using Microsoft Hosted Exchange, provides an entire email server with full administrative control. 
  • A unified messaging platform, with calendaring, configurable security features, anti-spam and anti-virus protection, and comprehensive collaboration and synchronisation features.
  • Your email solution grows to meet the changing requirements of your business.
  • Professional, consistent corporate branding.

IronTree HEX means that we provide all hardware and software, and run and maintain it for you in our enterprise data centres. You access your email using Outlook or Outlook for Mac, Macmail on your desktop, Outlook Web App (OWA) in any web browser, or wirelessly from a device like the iPhone or any Android device.

What is the IronTree HEX branding?

Complete branding management via a cloud hosted management console, including:

  • Automated, professional email signatures that are transmitted with every email message from every sender in your company
  • Rotating product and service banners offering your services in every email
  • Intelligent links in the banners and signatures that enable you to track email responses and refine messaging based on response

What does this mean for you?

You can focus on what you do well, and we’ll take care of delivering your all-important emails.

A guarantee of 99.9% uptime, so your emails are safe and available all the time from anywhere.

Fixed Costs
Predictable and consistent costs means you’ll never be surprised by email overages.

Advanced Security
Built in Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam, which means your data and emails are in safe hands.

Seamless connectivity on multiple devices. Offering your workforce the space and freedom to excel at their job.

Complete Synchronicity
Companywide synchronicity across any device and platform, including calendar and email synching.

IronTree hosted exchange what does it mean



IronTree HEX can be purchased in any combination of the packages below. For example, selected accounts in a company can be specified as IronTree HEX Outlook users while others in the same company can be IronTree HEX OWA (Outlook Web Access) users and email branding functionality can be purchased just for company personnel who regularly transmit external email messages.

IronTree HEX OWA

R55 /mailbox per month
(Outlook web access only)

Full synchronicity across all devices

IronTree HEX Outlook

R75 /mailbox per month
(Outlook desktop + web access)

Full synchronicity across all devices

IronTree HEX Branding

SQ (subject to quotation)



All prices exclude VAT.

Choose an IronTree HEX Package


Why (what impact will it have on my business)?

  • You don't need your own hardware
  • There are no support costs
  • There is no capex for new hardware / software licensing
  • There is no risk of obsolescence, no need for frequent upgrades
  • It's easy to migrate from an existing scenario

We offer a seamless and pain-free migration from the following existing scenarios:

  • Pop email address from any provider
  • IMAP
  • On premise Exchange Server / Small Business Server

Core features & benefits

  • A more affordable option than a full Microsoft solution
  • The option of a lite or full version:
    • The lite version has a larger mailbox than competitors
    • The full version has a 25GB mailbox
  • Synchronised mailboxes across all devices
  • Your own domain (for clients still on generic POP account)
  • No reliance on in house exchange server – no maintenance, no downtime, no license costs, and a potential saving on hardware replacement
  • Full redundancy of data, which means excellent business continuity AND helps with POPI compliance
  • Ability to add branding

IronTree partners up with

for customised banners and signatures.


Hi there,


This is how your email could look with our branding service.


Kind regards,

Byron Robertson
Sales manager 

T +27 087 0735730

E: | W:

A: infinity Business Park, Cnr William Nicol Dr and Pieter Wenning Rd, Fourways


Please have a look at our customised banners and signatures

We now offer customised email banners and signatures for your company. Please have a look at our example and imagine how this can look for your business.


We have a variety of banners and signatures that you can choose from. 


IronTree delivers complete branding management via a cloud hosted management console. Have a look at our pricing below.


Pricing Branding Service

1-20 mailboxes R55.00 excluding VAT
21-50 mailboxes R50.00 excluding VAT
51-100 mailboxes R45.00 excluding VAT
101-200 mailboxes R40.00 excluding VAT


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