Marketing technology should be available to all 

Marketing Automation from Headalight

Marketing automation software is a new form of technology that helps you streamline and automate certain marketing activities from a single "control room". Whether you’re sending marketing messages, tracking lead activity or managing client details, your currently scattered marketing actions can now be consolidated in one place.



Feature rich

We use SharpSpring for marketing automation. SharpSpring comes fully loaded with all the tools expected from a marketing automation product: email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), sales and lead management, lead scoring, to name a few.

Plays well with others

You may already have your own established CRM and database tools. One of the big benefits of SharpSpring is that it integrates well with third-party applications. We can design and advise API connectors to get your entire ecosystem running seamlessly.


Our smart automation will enable you to fire off emails based on a variety of triggers. And our dynamic lists allow you to segment your user base in real time.


Email only
Experience a powerful and robust sending engine.

Deliver the right content at the right time.  

Campaign management 
Expect predictable and consistent costs with no email overages.

Lead-management tools
Send targeted and personalised emails. 

Customer Relationship Manager
Create and manage sales opportunities easily. Create customised pipelines and add your own products.

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