Hosted Exchange FAQ

IronTree doesn’t offer domain registration. If you’re in need of your own domain, we recommend you speak to Hetzner, our preferred partner.
No, you can’t use hosted exchange for these domains. With your own company domain you can.
IronTree HEX is an advanced email service that ensures your organisation will enjoy complete synchronicity of electronic communications across your emails, tasks, calendars and contacts.
IronTree offers a standard and an advanced HEX package. The standard package includes a 10GB account and works only with Outlook Web Access and not the Outlook application on your desktop. You can however install this account on your phones’ email client. The advanced package includes a 25GB account and works with both Outlook web access and your Outlook application on your desktop.
IronTree recommends setting up your account on a maximum of 10 devices per user.
IronTree can supply your company with unlimited email archiving. This will ensure that all your emails are stored in a secure location in an archived format. Even your deleted mails will be stored.
The archiving works before mail is delivered to the account. It doesn’t archive your Outlook structure. So as soon as a mail enters the database, a copy is automatically archived. After the archiving it is delivered to the user.
Viewing or accessing the archive is free as long as you’re active with IronTree. There’s a plugin that works with Outlook on Windows. If you decide to leave, there’ll be a cost for the whole archive retrieval.
Yes, IronTree will give you your account details to setup the accounts yourself. Alternatively, IronTree can assist with setup and configuration at no extra cost.
IronTree will assist you with the migration of your old emails into the new environment. There are two ways we can go about doing this and both include a once-off cost per mailbox. We may be limited to what we can import, depending on your current email service
IronTree HEX branding is a central online console that allows you to manage all your email accounts’ signatures and banners. This includes intelligent links, rotating banners and better corporate identity.
Built into IronTree HEX is anti-virus and advanced anti-spam protection, which means your emails are in good hands. We still recommend adding an extra layer of security in the form of Panda’s email security and Adaptive Defense 360.
Our HEX service is built on Microsoft Exchange 2013.
IronTree will supply you with the new DNS and MX record to update in your control panel. There’s no additional cost for this and it can be carried out by IronTree or yourself.
Very easy. Just email IronTree support or the sales team with your request and we’ll handle it from our side.