Eight little-known facts about web filtering software

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
Eight little-known facts about web filtering software

We have compiled a list of eight little-known facts about web filtering software that you may not have thought about:

  • Effective web filtering software is managed via a cloud-hosted console and can thus be deployed, configured and maintained completely remotely. No hardware devices are required on site. This means that cloud-based web filtering solutions are both cost effective and secure. It's impossible for unauthorized employees to disable or reconfigure the filtering rules.
  • Cloud office protection or web filtering software can be configured hierarchically by a manager or employer to allow multiple layers of access. Thus some staff may be allowed access to social media or other websites during certain limited hours, e.g. lunchtime, whilst other employees may have less limited access where their role requires this. For example, marketing managers may require unlimited access to LinkedIn and related social media marketing platforms.
  • Properly deployed and managed web filtering software leads to huge increases in productivity. It's a well-researched fact of modern business that unlimited web access across an organisation, especially access to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and related forums, is the single biggest productivity killer that one can have in one's company.
  • Web filtering software can be seen as part of your business continuity plan; all malware, spyware, X-rated and similar websites should be permanently filtered. A single incident related to ransom-ware or X-rated litigious content can threaten the very existence of your company, either by completely blocking access to company data or by creating a scenario whereby you could be sued for damages related to distribution of pirated, X-rated or other content.
  • Web filtering software will assist you to comply with the soon to be promulgated POPI (protection of personal information) legislation-Companies need to prove that everything in their power has been done to protect the private information of their employees and customers. This includes best practices such as virus protection, secure cloud backup and web filtering to ensure corporate networks are protected
  • Cloud-based web filtering software is both scalable and flexible. It's a simple matter to add or remove device licenses instantly when the need arises. In addition, like most cloud-based services, web filtering solutions operate on a monthly subscription basis with no long term contract 'lock-in'.
  • Web filtering software can also be called web monitoring software. This can give you real-time analytics and reports into the websites your employees are looking at.
  • Cloud-hosted web filtering solutions enable you to manage and protect all corporate devices-PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones-even when a device is not connected to the company domain. Because the management layer consists of a cloud console, all devices can be managed at all times, no matter where the device is located. Of course, all managed devices must have internet connectivity.
  • Do you have an effective web filtering solution in place at your company? Have you considered the potentially devastating impact of not have a web filtering or office protection solution in place? Read more about website blocking here!