Disaster recovery growth is set to grow cloud backup in South Africa for ISPs

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
Disaster recovery growth is set to grow cloud backup in South Africa for ISPs

Internet service providers (ISPs) are the gateway to the internet for many small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The biggest revenue generator for an ISP is the selling and managing of internet connectivity for their customers. In many cases these customers are small businesses, home businesses and consumers.

As home businesses and small businesses grow and gain experience, they improve their strategic thinking and planning, and realise that they need to protect their business from certain possible disasters.

An absolutely essential service that needs to be offered by ISPs is cloud backup.

Cloud backup in South Africa is still in its early stages. If one looks at our known SME statistics, we estimate that approximately 7-10% of SME-type companies use cloud backup in South Africa. The rest are using mainly in-house on-site backup services such as memory sticks, external hard drives and tape streamers.

What this means is that there is a huge opportunity to generate revenue from cloud backup in South Africa, especially for ISPs who have a client base and can convince them to move to cloud services. As businesses are growing, maturing and becoming aware of the risks that they face in doing business in South Africa, so they wish to ensure that they cover themselves against these risks.

Ensuring business continuity is absolutely essential.

Every business should have a business continuity plan or a disaster recovery plan, and one of the elements in that plan should be their cloud backup in South Africa. Cloud backup in South Africa enables a business to recover their critical business data as part of their business continuity plan - to any location on any server whenever needed. The data stored at the ISP is compressed and encrypted, so that only the client can decrypt it and reinstate it.

As an ISP, setting up your own cloud backup in South Africa service can be a daunting task.

You need to have the required servers - and backup servers. You also need skilled staff to support those very specialized environments. You need to have call centre agents skilled up and trained on your cloud backup service, as well as on all of your other services. In addition, you need to set everything up before selling even 1MB of cloud backup in South Africa.

As you can see, it is a formidable task requiring a lot of effort. However, we do have a solution - tried and tested with hundreds of partners and dealers - where you offer our premium cloud backup in South Africa service to your clients. We have a fully staffed call centre 100% dedicated to assisting with cloud backup, we have our cloud backup service hosted at a tier 1 service provider and we have trained technical support staff managing hundreds of terabytes of backup traffic on a daily basis.

All of the above means that all you need to do to enable a cloud backup service in South Africa is to contact us. We will provide you with a service that you can offer to your customers as a white-labelled service that will increase your bandwidth revenue as well as generate significant revenue per customer for cloud backup on a recurring revenue basis.