Cyber Security 101

Lesson 3

Detecting weak points in your security network

Welcome to Lesson 3 in cyber security

In Lesson 2 you learnt how to protect your network and your data using tools and actions. In this lesson you’ll learn how to detect weaknesses in your network.

The UK government’s 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey found that a third of businesses reported a cyber security breach or attack in the past 12 months.

This figure is lower than the previous years, when it was 43% in 2018 and 46% in 2017. The survey explains the drop in breach attacks as being due to greater awareness of cyber security amongst businesses, and to businesses having increased their planning and defences against cyber attacks.

Not surprisingly then, the survey notes the cost to companies has increased as a result of more time and money spent on security.

Another reason for the decrease in cyber attacks could be due to awareness of the GDPR and the regulation that came into play in May 2018. Businesses have had to make changes to their cyber security systems in order to become compliant with the regulation.


It’s up to your IT manager to:

Make a determined effort to educate staff in cyber crime because, believe it or not, they are often the weakest link in your cyber security strategy.

Use analytics to track employee behaviour that may be cyber crime in progress, especially for those employees who have access to customer data. Suspicious signs could include: repeatedly working after hours and downloading unusually large files.

Motivate for a budget to keep up to date with advancing security solutions, and then get them up and running.

Put in place a robust business continuity plan because, in doing so, you’ll have analysed your particular business’s weak points and worked out how to strengthen them.

Doing these four things will help you to detect weaknesses in your network.

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In Lesson 4 we’ll look at wifi spaces and how to be cyber safe while using them.

Note: This content is general advice and should not be construed as paid-for cyber security advice and instruction.

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