Common misconceptions about data recovery services for SME businesses

 2017-01-25 11:50 AM by
Common misconceptions about data recovery services for SME businesses

Correct data recovery services are an essential part of business continuity planning and should be a part of every businesses plan. Here are some common misconceptions we have heard small business owners talk about when discussing data recovery services:

Data recovery services are an unnecessary expense.


"Why can't I just back up my data to a memory stick? It will cost me nothing!" This is a comment we hear often. In reality, a memory stick is probably the most insecure and unreliable way to back up your data and to ensure data recovery is available to you when needed.

Unless you are using a reliable online backup service provider, your chances of a successful data recovery service when the crucial moment arises are slim. In so many cases, we get a new customer when they discover that their on-site backup to a tape, memory stick or external hard drive just cannot restore due to corruption, bad media, tape device errors or human error where there is in fact no data backed up to the device.

The cost of recovering data when it was not properly backed up is huge. There are substantial costs associated with people recapturing, lost opportunities and lost transactions. In fact, it can cause a business to fail.

In light of that, deciding to back up your essential company data, your financials, your debtors, your creditors, spreadsheets, documents and all other data to a secure, online, off-site backup facility for the cost of a few cappuccinos per month is a no brainer. This will ensure that you can access data recovery services when you need them.

Online backup is too complicated to set up.

It will be a lot more complicated and a lot harder to attempt to recover your data if you are not backing it up to the cloud and making data recovery services available to you.

Setting up online backup could not be simpler. If you choose a reputable online backup services company, they should have the technical support staff that will help you to set up your backup services without you needing to do anything. All you need to do is to tell the support technician what data you wish to back up. This will then be set up and scheduled for you and your first backup sent through to the secure tier 1 data centre. Thereafter, your backups are scheduled to run whenever you need them to.

In addition, the backup software you use can be scheduled to send you an email on every backup done, stating if it was successful or whether errors were encountered. If there are errors, simply call or email your online backup service provider and the technical staff will assist you. Obviously, to be sure that adequate data recovery services will be available when needed, you need to select a full service online backup provider such as IronTree.

My data is not that valuable.

Your company's financial and other data is arguably the most valuable asset you have in your business. It enables you to manage and track all aspects of your business, your assets, your stock, your debtors and your creditors. Without your data, your business becomes unmanageable. Being unable to use data recovery services to recover your data becomes a major hindrance to the ongoing viability of your company to run after a disaster.

My data won't really be there when it's time to restore data.

Yes, this does happen - but only when the data was not properly selected for backup in the first place. Our worst call from a customer is when they have had a disaster and need to restore but they have not backed up the required data to our servers. It is heart breaking to hear the anguish in their voices when they realise we cannot help them.

However, if you have selected the data for backup, we will have it for you to do data recovery services from when required. We will also have multiple generations of data available - ongoing versions of your data - so that you can restore to a particular point in time. For example, you'll be able to restore a document to what it was two weeks ago.

We house our data in a tier 1 data centre at the Vodacom Data Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg. This data centre is approximately three stories underground, has dual incoming power sources from Eskom, dual fire systems, dual backup generators and full bandwidth redundancy. Our data is all replicated and redundancy is ensured.

We have restored data for thousands of our customers over the years and in all cases, as long as they backed up the data to us in the first place, we have restored it for them. We are proud of our data recovery services where every aspect of our offering is backed up by full technical support only a phone call away.

Data recovery services seem 'dodgy'.

There is nothing 'dodgy' about our online backup services. We have been in business for over seven years and have thousands of customers backing up with us on a daily basis.

On the other hand, hard drive data recovery services can be 'dodgy' in that you are charged an exorbitant amount to recover data from a failed hard drive. We do not do this. Our solution to this is to back up your critical data to a well-known, full service online backup company so that should your hard drive fail you do not need hard drive data recovery services.

Data recovery services are covered by your warranty on your hardware or can be fixed with software.

Hard drive data recovery services, where a company attempts to extract data from a failed hard drive, is an expensive and risky way to attempt to recover data. Similarly, no hard drive manufacturer will guarantee their hard drive against failure and they certainly do not guarantee that your data is safe or can be recovered after a hard drive failure. They could not possibly do this, as there are so many different circumstances under which your hard drive can fail. Once again, the best solution is to back up to a cloud-based facility in the first place, thereby eliminating the need to perform hard drive data recovery services.

Online backup services are an effective and affordable way to ensure you are safely and reliably backing up your company data to a secure, fully supported facility. Setting it up is easy and it will just keep on backing up, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring you never need to do any hard drive data recovery services.