Cloud-hosted solutions create reseller opportunities

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Cloud-hosted solutions create reseller opportunities

The reseller dilemma: how does one grow a sustainable, profitable business whilst simultaneously providing easy-to-support value-added solutions and great customer service? Often the cost of matching customer expectations with the required service capability lands up exceeding the revenue generated. Today's reseller opportunities must encompass recurring revenue generating streams at manageable cost levels.

Cloud-hosted solutions have become pervasive and create great reseller opportunities.

Adopting cloud-based technology means that IT professionals can work remotely and consequently save time and money by not having to commute to clients. The reseller opportunity here is that you can now service more clients with an existing resource structure. In addition, with software being hosted in the cloud on virtual, redundant systems, your reseller company will incur less cost in terms of capital infrastructure and ongoing maintenance. Furthermore, the ability to work remotely (enabled by cloud-hosted applications) allows you to massively enhance customer service levels.

Who can argue with reseller opportunities that enable one to consistently exceed customer expectations, effectively manage costs and grow passive recurring revenue streams, all whilst using efficient value-added solutions?

Cheaper, faster internet and advanced secure encryption means that applications can now be hosted in the cloud.

All of this creates even more reseller opportunities with regards to ensuring that your clients have a high level of business continuity elements in place. It makes sense to find ways to assist one's clients remotely and also to offer them products and services that will assist in not only protecting their data and intellectual information but also prevent events that can cause business interruptions.

Cloud-based solutions hosted in secure data centre environments are a great safeguard against disruptive events including fire, theft, equipment failure and data corruptions. Data and solutions hosted in secure environments are never affected by incidents in these categories. Assisting your clients to ensure business continuity is another reseller opportunity. Read more about this topic here.

An example of this is cloud-based antivirus or end point protection that does not require an expensive or complex setup and can even be configured from a mobile device. By using the processing power of the vendor's servers, even the most recent malware can be picked up and dealt with, with insignificant overhead on processing power and no downtime. Solutions in this category include the capability to block timewasting productivity killers as well as illegitimate websites. Because customers are not bound to long-term contracts (most cloud-based technology solutions operate via a monthly subscription model), these solutions are attractive to your customers and thus become reseller opportunities that are easy to implement and benefit from.

Why are efficient IT professionals implementing cloud technology?

Generate passive recurring revenue from the third-party software you promote.
Remote system monitoring creates proactive support environments. Your support professionals can identify and pre-empt problems before they occur, preventing downtime and unneeded cost.
Reduced costs.
Networking and partnering with established vendors can bring more visibility and work referrals.
What should you be offering your clients?

In a nutshell: anything that can save you time, money and effort and at the same time be cost-effective and beneficial for the client. However, in line with common trends and the top risk factors common around the world, the following are key areas, especially with regard to business continuity:

Cloud-based antivirus software: software that uses the power of the vendor's own servers, does not incur a performance overhead, is updated regularly, prevents hacking attempts and identifies threats immediately. Read more here.
Software with device control: block USB devices, webcams, external media devices and other devices that not only present a security risk but also the potential to spread malware.
Web filtering software: software to block time-wasting social platforms and illegal or harmful websites, even at specific times. Read more here.
System management: software that allows one to manage remotely, monitor devices, perform maintenance tasks, prevent unauthorised programs from being installed (e.g. torrent loaders) and prevent problems before they happen (e.g. imminent hard drive failures). Read more here.
Business continuity software: software that allows one to run regular testing on business continuity plans, manage live events remotely and assist in business continuity planning. Read more here.
Offline, off-site backups in the cloud mean that, for example, if a client's computers are stolen (which seems to happen regularly) data can be restored quickly. Read more here.
Virtual platforms that host your software and that can be brought into action when systems are down, loaded with all your software and data.
Of course, the above is not an exhaustive list of what you can offer your clients. Every day there are new offerings available, from time management to messaging. These all provide some great benefits.

It makes perfect sense to offer and implement software that can protect, offer value and improve productivity for both you and your clients. If an added benefit of all if this is that the resultant recurring revenue makes your reseller business more profitable, who would ignore this reseller opportunity?

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