Category: Disaster Recovery

What will you do when the lights go out?

The real question is, are you going to have your organisation running around like a headless chicken or do you have a plan in place for when a disaster strikes?

Most small- and medium-sized businesses do not have proper disaster recovery or business continuity plans in place.

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Explaining DRaaS

DRaaS is a term you find all over IT security sites and news feeds these days, but what exactly is it?

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DIY disaster recovery: what are the technical skills required?

It’s a big question: would it be cheaper or advantageous to create and implement your own disaster recovery plan or have a dedicated disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) provider manage it?

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How to ensure recovery from a data disaster

Having a good data backup plan is essential these days, but backup alone won’t save you when you’re hit by a cyber attack or other disaster. You need to ensure your employees can access vital data and applications elsewhere when your office environment has been hit so that core business can keep on going while you bring your systems back to normal.

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What are the actual costs of downtime?

Downtime is a nightmare. By it’s very nature it arrives unexpectedly and becomes the wake-up call to put contingency plans in place for the future. But downtime can also be seen as an opportunity to test our systems and make sure we can avoid a repeat of the disruption.

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