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15 tips for ransomware prevention

Learn 15 tips to prevent ransomware from reaching the computers in your network. IronTree provides full protection against ransomware.

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Ryuk: the new ransomware giant

Organisations around the world have been hit by a new piece of ransomware known as Ryuk, which has been encrypting PCs, storage centres and data centres in what’s showing itself to be a carefully planned campaign.

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Kaspersky Lab moves its core ops to Switzerland

Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab announced recently it will start moving its ops and infrastructure to Switzerland and that, to show its integrity and transparency, the relocation will be managed by a third party.

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What is endpoint protection or security?

In computer network security terms, endpoints are devices such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and printers used remotely or on site. They all link to the Internet and are the points from which you and your colleagues work and communicate.

Endpoint protection or security is a system that protects these endpoints from the threats in cyberspace – the endpoints are the only places where threats can enter and operate.

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FBI makes urgent announcement

The FBI reports that Russian hackers have infected hundreds and thousands of routers with a vicious strain of malware, and that it is still active.

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New Ransomware Warning: LEAKERLOCKER

Ransomware has become a hot topic for all the wrong reasons since the global infections of “WannaCry” and “Petya”.

A new type of malware that now threatens users by sending their private pictures, messages and internet browsing history to their friends has come to light

This new strain that adds to the ever-growing problem of ransomware is known as LeakerLocker.

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What is ransomware?

Ransomware is computer software that threatens to disrupt the normal working of your computer until you pay a ransom.

This malicious software, also known as malware, usually takes the form of a computer virus that locks down your computer files and demands a fee before allowing you access to them.

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Why accountants need to know about anti-spyware

Business today exists in an environment of pervasive availability and almost mandatory use of the internet as a means of communication, providing access to information and a transactional ‘pipeline’. Whilst facilitating both speed as well as ease of doing business, the ‘open’ nature of the internet unfortunately also creates massive opportunities for unscrupulous cybercriminals.

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Five industries that will benefit from mobile device management

It’s hard to believe that less than two decades ago, mobile phones were exactly that – devices that allowed us to make and receive telephone calls whilst mobile. Laptop computers were luxury items usually only enjoyed by company owners and directors. In those days, smartphones, iPads and tablet devices may well have been fanciful, futuristic devices created by ‘Q’ and used by James Bond.

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Should you block websites in the work place?

What happens in an internet minute? According to Intel, the statistics are staggering – check out a handy infographic here. Here are just a few mind-boggling statistics: every minute 100+ new LinkedIn accounts are created, Facebook is logged into 277,000 times, YouTube gets 1.3 million video views and 320+ new Twitter accounts are created.

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