Business Continuity overview

 2017-02-03 01:52 PM by
Business Continuity overview

IronTree has partnered with to offer its customers cloud-based business continuity planning services.

Plan4Continuity software allows you to plan, build, schedule, simulate, implement and audit your business continuity in an easy-to-use, affordable and logical way.

10 reasons to consider using the Plan4Continuity service:

  1. It enables you to manage plan and build disaster recovery plans for any disruptive event.
  2. It enables you to simulate your plans, schedule simulations and ensure that you are fully compliant with your audit requirements for business continuity.
  3. Business critical information such as company registrations documents, VAT certificates and other essential corporate data is scanned and stored offsite in a safe, encrypted manner.
  4. Personnel information - essential during a business disaster, disruptive event or accident and including ID documents, drivers' licenses and health information - is available online from any location.
  5. It acts as a centralized repository of information on your business critical vendors, those you need to include into your business continuity planning and who need to be contacted in the event of a disaster at one of your business locations.
  6. It provides you with a full audit trail of all your business continuity simulations, such as event start dates and times, all communication between parties including SMS/text messages and voice recordings, details of the plan, the status of each action and any variations to the plan made during simulation.
  7. IronTree provides the technical and business assistance necessary to professionally set up your business continuity plans.
  8. All information stored with Plan4Continuity is encrypted and securely held, and hosted on the Amazon EC2 platform.
  9. It is easy to use and affordable: no hardware or special equipment is required and plans can be created and activated from any location and from any internet connected device.