Business continuity: is it wise to outsource?

With the emergence of the cloud, outsourcing has become a convenient way to acquire managed services at reduced cost. Cloud services are especially useful when a business doesn’t have the skills or resources to run services internally, and business continuity is just one of the services you can outsource and access online.

Three reasons why companies typically outsource

1. Lack of experience: business continuity and contingency planning require skills and
expertise that you may not have.
2. Cost factors: the cost of hiring, training and certifying contingency planning staff may not be within your budget.
3. Infrastructure: as a small to mid-sized company, you may not have the resources to implement and maintain a fully-fledged disaster recovery system.

How to outsource a business continuity plan?

1. Do a diligent search to find a provider with a proven track record.
2. Ensure your plan can be accessed on your mobile devices so that you’re able to manage it remotely.
3. Choose a provider that offers quarterly simulations to test the plan works.
4. Ensure you sign a contract giving details of what you’re paying for and the services you expect.

Talking about a potential plan helps enormously. It’s free to talk to IronTree about what your business needs to safeguard its future

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