Business continuity dependent on efficient planning & processes

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Business continuity dependent on efficient planning & processes

As they say in the classics, “change is the only constant in life”. This adage remains relevant in today’s rapidly changing world but, whilst I subscribe to the theory that every change represents an opportunity in some form, it’s also true that consistency and reliability are vital elements of every successful business.

At IronTree, 10 years of experience and 15 000+ daily individual backups has shown us that no matter how automated a process is, there’s always the human element to factor in. This is particularly so with data backups. Our clients know that data, and the sustainability and recoverability thereof, is critical to business continuity and that’s why they love IronTree’s automated data backup facility.

Regular backup audits are critical

However, many fail to realise that it’s critical to perform regular backup audits to ensure (a) the correct data is being backed up and (b) data backups are recoverable. (One could say the definition of a data backup is data that CAN be recovered).

Data selections need to be checked & revised

Data changes constantly – new applications are installed, new documents are created in new locations and new laptops and servers are commissioned. All these changes will affect your data backup selections, which is why they regularly need to be checked and revised.

Audits & checks done for you

IronTree’s PPS (Premium Plus Solution) ensures that business critical data is ALWAYS selected for backup. The PPS service encompasses a quarterly checkup conducted telephonically by an IronTree call centre agent. For the equivalent spend of two cappuccinos per month, an IronTree agent will call quarterly and:

  • Log on remotely with client permission
  • Check existing data selections and confirm with the client that the selection remains relevant (or update the selection if necessary)
  • Select a single file and restore the file to the client desktop, thus confirming the validity of the backup
  • Email a report detailing the entire process

The IronTree PPS service will give you the peace of mind that any data disruption will be rectified with little impact on business continuity.


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