Tips on managing your backups during load shedding

Learn eight tips on how to manage your backups during load shedding. IronTree provides an advanced data backup process to protect your data.

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In the thick of the Age of Paranoia

The 21st Century has been called the Age of Paranoia. We are paranoid about our personal safety and our data. IronTree provides advanced solutions in cyber security.

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12 types of cyber attack

Learn about the 12 most common types of cyber attack happening worldwide. IronTree provides advanced cyber security solutions to counter known and unknown attacks.

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Do I need a backup strategy?

Answer six questions and you’ll have the bones of a backup strategy. IronTree’s online backup is trusted by 15 000+ businesses in South Africa.

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What are the real costs of GDPR compliance?

Costs of compliance are particular to the size and activity of a business. It’s economical for small to mid-size businesses to use GDPR-ready software.

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Five cyber security basics

Five essential things you can do to protect your business systems and data. Have you considered them all?

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Solving data breaches due to human error

Check out four best practices to protect your business from human security mistakes and find out about compliance software to help you manage a data breach.

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