Reseller zone

IronTree prides itself on bringing innovative
solutions at affordable pricing to its resellers.

Our service fundamentals are:

  1. We only offer value adding business continuity solutions.
  2. We always offer our services at affordable rates
  3. We structure our models to ensure recurring revenue for our resellers
  4. We adhere to a “no hoops” methodology – no complication in the registration process, simply register and you are good to go. There are no hoops you need to jump through to partner with us and start earning.

How does the services tie together?
How do you make money?

Often partnership programs promise the world but under deliver. Rest assured, we have designed our reseller model to add value and made sure you, our valued partner, actually reap the rewards with cash in your pocket.

Our supporting infrastructure was designed to incorporate the tracking of specific sales and assign the client to the correct reseller partner.  What that means, is that if a potential client visits our website through your reference id URL we provide, the sales will be logged against your account. As simple as that. We provide the technology and you reap the rewards.

Every service or product we have available, was designed with a specific focus. How can we ensure that our resellers can use it to grow their own business. So profit margin, labour costs, etc have all been taken into account when we offer our reseller rebates. Our margins are extremely generous and some of them are industry leading models:

What you can actually earn?

The potential earning ability is limitless. We strive to increase our reseller sales every month and measure ourselves against the best in the business. We are extremely proud to state that we have paid more than 2 million rand in the previous financial year to well performing partners.

We conduct continuous audits on how our resellers are performing, and we inform them of their status and owed balance through our reseller application. Every quarter we settle that amount and we do it with a smile and a skip in our step. 

Read a few reseller comments about what the IronTree suite of products have meant for their business:




So if you are focused on growing recurring income and believe in giving value to your customers at no extra effort on your part, why not give our program a try.


What support do we offer - How we help you


Account manager

Every reseller will be matched with an experienced and resourceful Account Manager. Your own IronTree representative. This person will be available to you when you need them. They can accompany you to sales meetings, offer technical support in a pinch and ensure your service runs at an optimal level.

More than that, these managers are trained to provide business solution consulting. So they will not only provide IronTree advice, but if needed can offer a more holistic consulting service. Adding value with every engagement as often as you need it.


Throughout the year, we hold dedicated events for our resellers as well as our end customers. These are great opportunities to find out what new products are in the pipeline, what sales tips and techniques we have been working on and what marketing technologies we are experimenting with. All of this intellectual properties are available exclusively to our resellers.

Mobile Application and Dedicated Management Console

We offer an easy to use mobile application where you can manage your entire IronTree client base. Add or remove accounts, check your rebate balance even send support tickets.

We also offer a dedicated management console for our larger accounts, where you can you manage all you clients’ back up account in a single location.

Digital Marketing Support Pack

On top of the sales and technical support, we also offer a Digital Marketing support pack.

Now what does that mean? We understand the industry and we also understand our products, how to sell them, how to market them. And we want to pass on that information to you.

Through trial and error and extensive experimentation we find the right strategies that work for this industry. We make these plans, strategies and IP available to you through a variety of channels.

So what do you get in this marketing support pack?

  • You will receive access to all our product specific content. Expertly written by technology writers, we offer a white label booklets, whitepapers, infographics, webinars, ebook, presentations, and so much more.
  • We will offer the marketing techniques we use at IronTree, namely customer journeys. A proven way to sell B2B products. This will consist of

4 customer journeys (each one consisting of expertly written emails, customised with your company details and targeted to push sale closure to your channels.

  • Online back up journey
  • Ransomware protection journey
  • Hosted Exchange Journey

Custom created journey of your choice ( eg. Client onboarding, newsletter journey, welcome journey, customer support journey , etc)

Through a strategic partnership with Headalight, we can offer Marketing automation software at a substantially reduced price. This solution is tailormade for customer journeys, but most definitely not limited to only email sending.


  • Campaign management
  • Lead and Sales Management
  • Comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Landing page creation tool
  • Website and visitor tracking
  • Dynamic Form integration

But most importantly - they will help you set this all up to work for your ENTIRE business not just IronTree specific products. That is truly ground breaking. Plus this is available to resell. At 20% rebate margin.

Simply book demo with them here - if you are not yet convinced.

Popi Compliance

The protection of personal information Act is coming. Many experts forecast that it will be signed into legislation in early 2018. So what does that mean to you? - insert Popi pitch -


At IronTree we believe in offer services that add value and ensure your business continues as usual. So we have partnered with Popi365 to offer this service not only to you as a company, but to enable you to resell this onto your clients as well.

Register as an IronTree reseller

If you have a user base and wish to earn additional revenue from it, we welcome you to apply for an IronTree reseller account.

Once you've submitted your application you'll receive an email to confirm that you've applied. We will contact you telephonically to determine your eligibility.