AWANA Camp 2019 - IronTree

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AWANA Camp 2019

IronTree Internet Services will again be supporting the Awana initiative in a community upliftment project, this time in the form of a camp taking place in Zeekoevlei between 23 and 28 June.

Awana reaches out to children living in gang-ravaged areas of the Cape Flats in the hope of breaking the cycle of gangsterism and bringing change to their communities through the Gospel.

IronTree heard about Awana through its senior backup technician Grant Leonard, who’s also the regional coordinator of Awana Western Cape and promotes the initiative in his spare time.

Over the space of a week Awana will be holding workshops for children aged 10 to 13 on leadership, health and safety and the performing arts.

Members of the SAPS and correctional services will also be talking to the children, engaging them in skills development and impressing upon them that there’s more to life than what they currently experience.

Grant commented, “We hope that the children we reach out to and work with will want to be the difference in their communities, and that what they learn at this camp will have a lasting effect on them.”

Most of the children are exposed to gangsterism and drug abuse, and live in broken homes: “We hope to break the cycle of gangsterism and empower the children, so that they can go home and share their hope with their friends and families. Perhaps, ultimately, it will bring change in the community.” 

IronTree has been supporting Awana’s community upliftment initiative since 2018 and wishes the team all the very best in the upcoming camp.

If you’d like to get involved or make a donation towards Awana, let us know or visit their website and reach out directly.

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