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Author: Steven Cohen

Moving to the cloud, some things to think about

Learn the difference between cloud accounting software and hosting your current desktop software in the cloud. IronTree provides the option of a hybrid cloud, where you get the best of both worlds.

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One-stop shop for total data protection

Now for a data protection product that combines backup, malware protection and patch management all in one. IronTree’s new backup solution provides comprehensive cyber protection.

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My how telephony has changed

A quick look at how telephony has changed from switchboard to VoIP. IronTree Voice provides VoIP business telephony solutions with customisation and control beyond what is possible with a PBX.

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You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone

The title might sound like a bit of a cliché, but when the marketing guys asked me to write a blog I sat pondering the question: “What has IronTree learnt from the lockdown?”I was thinking how lucky IronTree has been to continue business as usual. We already had cloud-hosted VoIP and a cloud-hosted VPS, and … Continued

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The opportunity in crisis

Customers who were forced into remote working because of COVID-19 speak now of how easy this “new way of working” in the cloud is, and of improved hardware performance, increased efficiency and

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IronTree sees increase in data loss events

Until a few months ago, 9% of our backup customers have been performing a restore every month. That’s quite a lot of customers – roughly 1,530 – who’ve needed to restore data from their backup sets over a 30-day cycle.

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What’s the best backup for you?

Learn the advantages and considerations of moving your business systems to the cloud. IronTree is a reputable online business continuity service provider.

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Why hosting has become a practical solution for business

Cloud technology has made it possible to operate complex accounting packages such as Pastel Partner and Pastel Evolution in the cloud. Find out why cloud hosting has become a practical solution for business.

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Ransomware: to pay or not to pay

Governments and businesses are in the same boat when it comes to ransomware and ransoms. Use this IronTree article to consider what you should do.

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