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Author: Jaco Liebenberg

Remember MS macro-viruses?

Panda Security reports a possible comeback of the MS Office macro-virus that can even target Apple Macs. IronTree partners with Panda Security to provide comprehensive cyber security.

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Garmin hit by massive ransomware attack

After Garmin was hit by a massive ransomware attack we question the safety of all our digital lives. IronTree provides advanced data protection as part of a businessÔÇÖs cyber security strategy.

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Valuable insight released on South AfricaÔÇÖs cyber threat landscape

As more South Africans use the Internet, especially smartphones for banking and buying, the threat landscape in the country grows. In 2019 the spike in cyber attacks was pronounced, with all sectors being hit by cyber criminals.

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New research points to endpoint security being key

The DBIR is an annual report of cyber crime statistics thatÔÇÖs widely read and referenced. This year it analysed more than 150,000 incidents across 16 industries and four world regions to arrive at its insights.

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Advice on remote working

Find out about seven different tools to help you and your team work remotely. IronTree provides advice and support for teams who are working from home.

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Key things to keep your business up and running

As of today, Microsoft will no longer be supporting the Windows 7 operating system. This means thereÔÇÖll be no further security patches issued for the operating system, and no more updates or bug fixes to the software.

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The ideal backup routine

Backing up business data has become an integral part of our daily routine. So how can you make your backup routine as efficient as possible?

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Pandemics and workplace responsibilities

Business continuity is not only about IT and data, itÔÇÖs also about people and keeping your workplace healthy. Read these guidelines on how to keep your work environment safe and well

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